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Arc - ...At This (1971 uk, powerfull dual guitar classic rock with blues and prog shades, 2009 remaster)

Arc formed when guitarist John Turnbull and keyboardist Micky Gallagher, both recently of Skip Bifferty, teamed with bassist/singer Tom Duffy and drummer David Montgomery.

Turnbull and Gallagher first partnered up in 1966 when their respective bands, The Primitive Sect and The Chosen Few, merged into a new band, Skip Bifferty. That band endured itself to the psychedelic underground with three singles and a 1968 self-titled album on RCA Victor. Breaking from their management, they masqueraded as Heavy Jelly for the epic 1969 Island single “I Keep Singing That Same Old Song.” Later that year, the Bifferty camp split in two when bassist Colin Gibson and singer Graham Bell formed the short-lived Griffin.

In 1970, Turnbull and Gallagher recorded an album of covers by American singer/songwriter Tim Harding. (Though initially shelved, a 1972 single on Peacock Records acquitted two cuts, “Smugglin Man” and “Misty Roses,” under the name Turnbull and Arkwright.)

The album features nine originals, eight co-written by Turnbull and Gallagher, including “Hello, Hello, Monday,” “Great Lager Street,” “Let Your Love Run Through,” “You’re In the Garden,” “Sophie’s Cat,” and “Four Times Eight.” Duffy contributed the second track on side one, “It’s Gonna Rain.”

… at This is a self-produced effort. Gallagher plays guitar on select passages, in addition to piano and organ. The three writers share vocal duties. The cover sports a black-framed group photo, taken in a football field by Decca photographer David Wedgbury.

Later in 1971, Montgomery cleared out for drummer Rob Tait, formerly of the Battered Ornaments and Pete Brown and Piblokto! He also played on recent albums by Kevin Ayers and Paul Korda.
1. Let Your Love Run Through - 4:54
2. It's Gonna Rain (Tom Duffy) - 4:08
3. Four Times Eight - 3:15
4. An Ear Ago - 4:29
5. Great Lager Street - 3:56
6. Hello, Hello, Monday - 7:11
7. Perfectly Happy Man - 5:56
8. Sophie's Cat - 3:07
9. You're In The Garden - 4:51
All songs by John Turnbull, Mick Gallagher except where indicated

*John Turnbull - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
*Mick Gallagher - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Guitar
*Tom Duffy - Vocals, Bass
*David Montgomery - Drums, Percussion

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