Friday, September 8, 2017

Rare Earth - One World (1971 us, fascinating classic groovy rock, 2015 audiophile remaster)

One World followed almost exactly a year after Ecology, and yielded another hit single in a longtime classic, "I Just Want to Celebrate." The song peaked on the pop charts at number seven and the album broke the Top 50. 

One World is an underrated album produced by Tom Baird with a long version of "What I'd Say" by Ray Charles, and original cuts like "If I Die", a remarkable song written by Rivera since the prospect of a soldier at war (supposedly from Vietnam) about to die ... rain is falling on my head, pretty soon I might be dead, the end is here, Lord, it's plain to see, I guess my country's made a fool of me .... which could be interpreted by Crosby, Stills & Nash. 

"Any Man Can Be a Fool" rhythmic, melodic rock composition with soul influences by the bassist John Persh in which it speaks of the wise advices of his mother, or "The Seed", another great theme by Pete Rivera with funk rock, jazz rock and blues traces and a phenomenal synergy between first-rate instrumentalists and outstanding solo guitarist Ray Monette ... tell me where will it go from here .
1. What'd I Say (Ray Charles) - 7:14
2. If I Die (Pete Rivera) - 3:30
3. Seed (Pete Rivera) - 3:32
4. I Just Want To Celebrate (Dino Fekaris, Nick Zesses) - 3:37
5. Someone To Love (Gil Bridges) - 3:47
6. Any Man Can Be A Fool (John Persh) - 3:35
7. Road (Tom Baird) - 3:36
8. Under God's Light (Eddie Guzman, Ray Monette, Mark Olson) - 4:51

Rare Earth
*Gil Bridges - Woodwinds, Vocals, Percussion, Flute
*Ray Monette - Guitars, Vocals
*Mark Olson - Keyboards, Vocals
*John Persh - Bass, Vocals
*Pete Rivera - Drums, Lead Vocals, Percussion
*Ed Guzman - Conga, Percussion

1968  Dreams/Answers (2017 remaster)
1969-74 Fill Your Head (three cds box set, five studio albums plus outtakes and alternative versions)

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