Thursday, September 5, 2013

Key Largo - Key Largo (1970 uk, fine blues rock with jazzy mood, 2004 remaster)

"Key Largo may best be described as a group of musicians seeking to create something fresh and unique within the supposed musical boundaries of what most people would simply term blues" state the sleeve notes to their album. In fact what's on offer is pretty British blues rock produced by Mike Vernon, and released through the Blue Horizon label. with lots of harmonica, percussion and brass arrangements in places. The album includes cover versions of Willie Dixon, Alain Toussaint, B.B.King and P. Mayfield songs. 

Tracks include the soul/funk orientated “Give It Up” with a brass arrangement; the slow number “As The Years Go Passing By”, which features some good blues guitar work, and “Come On And Get It Baby”, written by thirties English pianist Stanley Black - an instrumental with jazzy electric piano, sharp guitar chords and percussion by Kenny Lamb who later went on to Jellybread.
by Costas Arvanitis
1. Big Chief - 1:27
2. Axe And The Wind - 1:38
3. Give It Up - 2:42
4. What Do I Do With It - 1:54
5. Stranger In My Own Home Town - 2:54
6. That Did It - 5:01
7. Big Chief (Part 2) - 2:21
8. Come On And Get It Baby (If You Want It) Bit One - 3:03
9. Get In It - 2:08
10.Come On And Get It Baby (If You Want It) Bit Two - 1:03
11.O. S. Blues (Otis Spann) - 3:17
12.Wrapped Up In Love Again - 2:15
13.Biscayne Bay - 1:54
14.As The Years Go Passing By - 5:31

Key Largo  
*Pat McAuliffe - Vocals
*Laurence 'Laurie' Garman - Harmonica
*Laurie Sanford - Guitar
*Bob Savage - Keyboards
*Tom Stead - Bass
*Kenny Lamb - Drums

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