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Pan - Pan (1970 denmark, remarkable heavy bluesy psych rock, 2011 Flawed Gems bonus tracks remaster)

Pan was a Danish rock band, formed in October 1969 in Copenhagen by Robert Lelièvre and Arne Würgler . The band released just one album, which bears the group's name and is considered to be among the very best in Danish rock history.  Lelièvre and Würgler joined four other Danish musicians: Brothers Thomas and Michael Puggaard-Müller (guitar and drums), jazz organist Henning Verner (who had previously performed with Dexter Gordon  ) and singer and songwriter Niels Skousen, who initially shared lead vocals with Lelièvre but left Pan as early as January 1970.   

Their first single "In a Simple Way" / "Right Across My Bed" released January 1970, followed by their debut album Pan in May.  All music and lyrics were written by Lelièvre (with two of the songs in French and the rest in English), and the production highlights the sophisticated mix of rock, blues, folk, jazz and even a few splashes of classical.  At the time of its release, Pan was praised by the Danish press, and Dagbladet Information proclaimed it "the best Danish rock album so far". Over time, the record has achieved the status of a classic in Danish rock history. It is thus mentioned as the fourth best Danish rock album from the 1970s in Politiken's Dansk Rock .  It was released in 2010 on a CD – boxset Dansk Rock Historie 1965-1978, vol.II. Besides that, it is also available on the original vinyl edition, and on the occasion of Record Store Day in 2016, it was reprinted on vinyl in a limited edition. The 2016 pressing itself is also in green vinyl .

Pan gave countless concerts in 1970, played at festivals in Denmark and Germany and appeared in two Danish radio broadcasts and a TV programme.  The two radio broadcasts were recorded by DR and released on CD in 2004 by the Danish company Karma Music under the title Pan on the Air – Danish Radio Sessions 1970 .  They also wrote and recorded 20 minutes of instrumental music for the Swedish film Deadline and themselves filled the role of a touring band in the film.  However, despite the success on stage and in the media , Pan did not sell well and the band slowly disbanded during the autumn of 1970.
1. My Time - 0:36
2. If (Robert Lelievre, Mic Hannant) - 4:02
3. Song To France - 2:11
4. They Make Money With The Stars - 4:55
5. Il N'y A Pas Si Longtemps De Ca - 5:22
6. Many Songs Have Been Lost - 1:46
7. Tristesse - 5:01
8. To Get Along Alone - 5:46
9. We Must Do Something Before The End Day - 3:23
10.Lady Of The Sand - 6:44 
11.In A Simple Way - 3:46
12.Right Across My Bed - 5:56
13.To Get Along Alone - 6:28
All songs by Robert Lelievre except where noted
Bonus Tracks - 11-13

*Robert Lelièvre - Guitar, Vocals
*Thomas Puggård-Müller - Guitar
*Henning Verner - Organ, Guitar
*Arne Würgler - Bass
*Michael Puggård-Müller - Drums