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Freedom - Is More Than A Word (1972 uk, fine blues rock with funky vibes)

Freedom's final outing in 1972, Is More Than a Word, is a study in contrasts. It still rocks hard as all get out, รก la Humble Pie, but it also points in an interesting direction in places: toward more textured and acoustic-flavored material that echoes country music, thanks to an electric violin -- uncredited -- on the opening track "Together." 

Elsewhere, there is scathing blues-rock in the funky, raucous, rave-up vein on cuts like "Sweaty Feet," the elongated "Brainbox Jam," that goes off the funk nut, and a smoking cover of Don Nix's "Going Down." The shimmering, jazzy pastoralism of "&Direction" provides a glorious, smoky, spiritual vibe with killer guitar solos. While it is not an altogether successful outing, it nonetheless offers some great tracks, and a view of the band that would have been interesting, to say the least, had they continued.
by Thom Jurek
1. Together (Steve Jolly, Bobby Harrison) - 4:20
2. Miss Little Louise (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 3:13
3. Sweaty Feet (B. Harrison, R. Saunders, P. Dennis, S. Jolly) - 3:59
4. Brainbox Jam (B. Harrison, R. Saunders, P. Dennis, S. Jolly) - 7:58
5. Direction (Roger Saunders) - 5:58
6. Going Down (Don Nix) - 4:45
7. Dream (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 2:54
8. Ladybird (Peter Dennis, Bobby Harrison) - 4:23

*Bobby Harrison - Congas, Drums, Vocals
*Roger Saunders - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Peter Dennis - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Steve Jolly - Lead Guitar

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