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Amazing Blondel - Fantasia Lindum (1971 uk, beautiful elegant harmony baroque folk)

The concept album rears its head -- and rears back about 500 years. While other progressive rock groups were doing album-length suites dealing with apocalyptic themes, Amazing Blondel were doing 20-minute multi-part pieces ("fantasia" is the best classical music term) depicting idealized love between man and woman, man and nature, and man and God. It all plays a little like the Strawbs' work of this same era without the sardonic edge, and is all achingly beautiful.
by Bruce Eder
1. Fantasia Lindum - 20:13
.a Prelude and Theme
.b Song: Swifts, Swains, Leafy Lanes
.c Dance: Jig Upon Jig; Theme (Lutes And Recorder)
.d Dance (Galliard): God Must Doubt
.e Song: Lincolnshire Lullaby
.f Dance: Basse Dance Theme (Lute Duet)
.g Dance: Quatre Dance Pavan
.h Song: Celestial Light (For Lincoln Cathedral)
.i Dance: Coranto; Theme (Lutes And Recorder)
.j End
2. To Ye - 3:24
3. Safety In God Alone - 4:49
4. Two Dances - 1:56
.a Almaine (Edward Baird)
.b Bransle For My Ladys' Delight
5. Three Seasons Almaine - 3:32
6. Seige of Yaddlethorpe (Terence Alan Wincott) - 2:30
Music and Lyrics by John David Gladwin unless as else stated

*John David Gladwin - Second Lute, Lead Vocals, Double Bass, Theorboe.
*Terence Alan Wincott - Recorders, Vocals, Piano, Crumhorn, Harpsichord, Harmonium, Other Woodwind
*Edward Baird - First Lute, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Dulcimer, Guitar
*Jim Capaldi - Drums

1973  Amazing Blondel - Blondel
1974  Amazing Blondel - England
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