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After Shave - Skin Deep (1972 swiss, splendid raw underground garage bluesy rock, 2007 remaster and expanded)

1972 Swiss underground hard rock album featuring liner notes, photos and five bonus tracks! After Shave were a heavy trio formed in the late 60s and influenced by Cream, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mountain and the usual suspects. They toured Europe in the early 70s and eventually recorded this debut album for the tiny Splendid label in 1972, which now commands big dollars on the rare record collector market.

This album is one of the holy grail of Swiss Heavy Progressive Psych Music History. It is definitely the best album on the famous Swiss underground label 'SPLENDID records' out of La Chaux-De-Fonds. A must for heavy guitar fans, it’s a raw power trio crusher that blows collectors away at the very first listen.
1. Skin Deep - 3:59
2. Him - 4:33
3. Paper Woman - 3:43
4. Ride Ride Ride - 4:08
5. Sweet Home - 2:51
6. Amsterdam In My Living Room - 3:02
7. Near The Sun - 2:43
8. Pink Rose - 2:50
9. Sunflower - 7:04
10.Greengage Man (Unreleased) - 3:19
11.On The Ground (Unreleased) - 2:42
12.One Of The Best (B Side) - 3:29
13.Warmaker (2nd Single) - 3:32
14.Near The Sun (First Single) - 2:52
All songs by Pierre Alain Kessi, Jean Claude Fontana, Rodolphe Baumgartner
Bonus tracks 10-14

After Shave
*Pierre Alain Kessi - Guitar, Vocals
*Jean Claude Fontana - Bass
*Rodolphe Baumgartner - Drums

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