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Mick Grabham - Mick The Lad (1972 uk, fine guitar bluesy classic rock)

You’ve heard the name before. You’ve heard his guitar. Grabham is best known for his five years or so as the guitarist for Procol Harum, replacing Dave Ball during the recording of Grand Hotel, and continuing with them through the American tour that followed Something Magic. But prior to that he was a member of the excellent and interesting band Cochise, along with pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole (they released three albums from 1970-72) and going even further back into the 60s, he was a member of the British pop band Plastic Penny, with two albums to their credit (‘68 and ‘69). He also managed to record an excellent solo album post-Cochise.

In 1972 he recorded 'Mick The Lad' for UA Records with Pete Wingfield. Later that year he was invited to join Procol Harum and played on four Procol albums including their 1975 UK Top 20 single 'Pandora's Box'. Mick has since played as a guest and session musician with many major names. 
1. Sweet Blossom Woman - 3:10
2. Scraunchy - 2:33
3. You'll Think Of Me - 3:11
4. I Won't Be There - 2:18
5. Waitin' Round On You - 3:02
6. There's Been A Few Since Then - 4:03
7. Let It All Down - 3:51
8. The Two Fifteen - 2:46
9. Saga - 7:02
10.On Fire For You Baby (David Elliott) - 3:50
11.Diamonds (Jerry Lordan) - 3:03
12.Hit And Miss (John Barry) - 2:58
13.The Wanderer (Ernie Maresca) - 3:00
All titles by Mick Grabham except where noted
Bonus Tracks 10-13

*Mick Grabham - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
*B.J. Wilson - Drums
*Caleb Quaye - Guitar, Piano
*Dee Murray - Bass, Vocals
*Dick Parry - Saxophone
*John Gordon - Bass
*Mike Storey - Piano
*Nigel Olsson - Drums, Vocals
*Pete Wingfield - Piano
*Jim "Hamish" Hall - Piano
*Ian "Biro" Byron - Drums
*John Gilbert - Vocals

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