Friday, September 27, 2019

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Straight Ahead (1974 uk, essential groovy jazz rock, 2005 remaster)

Long lean groovers from Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express group – recorded with a slightly freer feel than some of the group's earlier albums, and an approach that has them stretching out nicely! Brian still sings a bit on some tracks, but there seems to be more of a focus than before on the keyboards – that nicely compressed Auger use of Hammond and electric piano that actually went onto influence a fair bit of American players at the time, in the way that Auger himself had been influenced before by their own earlier work. Rhythms are great throughout – making all tracks funky, in a laidback sort of way – and titles include a remake of "Bumpin' On Sunset", one of the band's best tracks, plus "Change", "Beginning Again", "You'll Stay In My Heart", and "Straight Ahead".
1. Beginning Again (Brian Auger) - 9:22
2. Bumpin' On Sunset (Wes Montgomery) - 10:51
3. Straight Ahead (Barry Dean) - 5:04
4. Change (Lennox Laington) - 8:10
5. You'll Stay In My Heart (Barry Dean) - 3:44
6. Straight Ahead (Live In Denver, Colorado 1975) (Barry Dean) - 5:56

The Oblivion Express
*Brian Auger- Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Moog Synthesizer
*Jack Mills - Guitar
*Barry Dean - Bass Guitar
*Steve Ferrone - Drums
*Lennox Laington - Congas
*Mirza Al Sharif - Timbales, Percussion

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