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A Euphonious Wail - A Euphonious Wail (1972 us, marvelous west coast psych, limited edition)

Heavily influenced by San Francisco bands (Big Brother and the Holding Company and The Jefferson Airplane quickly come to mind), the Santa Rosa, California-based A Euphonious Wail was roughly five years behind creative and popular tastes.

Not that it seemed to matter given a financially struggling Kapp Records went ahead and signed the quintet to a recording contract.

Built around the talents of drummer Doug Huffman, keyboardist Bart Libby, singer Suzanne Rey, singer/guitarist Steve Tracy and bassist Gary Violetti, the band's self-titled 1973 debut teamed them with producer Brian Ingoldsby (Lowell Levinger of Youngbloods fame reportedly also helped out).

They went to L.A. to record with Richard Podolor producing but those sessions were scrapped and they re-recorded the whole thing over again with a different producer.

After the album was finished they did a few showcase gigs that didn't go well and the band quickly fell apart.

They probably made a mistake by not playing local gigs all along and placing all their hopes on this album. Doug Huffman was a great drummer who went on to play with Boston on the road. 
1. Pony (John Brandenburg Jr.) - 04:36
2. We've Got the Chance (Bart Libby, Suzanne Ray) - 04:09
3. Did You Ever (Steve Tracy) - 03:41
4. When I Start To Live (Steve Tracy) - 04:50
5. F# (Steve Tracy) - 03:36
6. Chicken (Gary Violetti, Bart Libby) - 04:32
7. Night Out (Gary Violetti, Suzanne Rey) - 02:49
8. Love My Brother (Gary Violetti, Suzanne Rey) - 04:40
9. I Want To Be a Star (Bart Libby) - 05:29

A Euphonious Wail
*Bart Libby - Organ, Piano
*Steve Tracy - Guitar, Vocals
*Gary Violetti - Bass, Vocals
*Suzanne Rey - Percussion, Vocals
*Doug Huffman - Drums, Vocals

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