Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jukin' Bone - Way Down East (1972 us, awesome hard blues rock, 2011 remaster)

The second and final album by these upstate New York blues-rockers was more polished than their live-in-the-studio, occasionally drunk debut, Whiskey Woman, but that's actually to the music's detriment. While the band can definitely play, laying biting slide guitar over a funky bass groove on "Nightcrawler," and howling out a roaring lust anthem on "Cara Lynn," they really don't benefit from too much slickness. Like Cactus or Black Oak Arkansas, they were best when they tore it up in down 'n' dirty fashion, as Whiskey Woman amply demonstrated. 

The addition of electric piano helps a little on the swampy, Creedence-ish "Mojo Conqueroo," and they whip up a hot 'n' nasty, shoutalong version of "See See Rider" that's not quite as deranged-sounding as their take on Roy Orbison's "Candy Man" from their debut, but it's pretty raucous. But by the time the acoustic "Yes Is Yes" comes along, the band's limitations are apparent. Recommended to absolute die-hard '70s hard rock cultists; everyone else can get by just listening to Free, Humble Pie, Cactus, and Black Oak Arkansas. 
by Phil Freeman
1. Cara Lynn (Joe Whiting, Mark Doyle) - 2:27
2. Way Down East (Joe Whiting, George Egosarian) - 3:10
3. Nightcrawler (John DeMaso, Joe Whiting, George Egosarian, Mark Doyle) - 4:32
4. Come On Home (Mark Doyle, Joe Whiting) - 2:25
5. Mojo Conqueroo (George Egosarian, Mark Doyle) - 5:51
6. See See Rider (Gertrude "Ma" Rainey) - 2:52
7. Can You Feel It (George Egosarian, Joe Whiting) - 3:11
8. Yes Is Yes (George Egosarian) - 2:52
9. Sayin' It Is Easy (George Egosarian, Mark Doyle) - 3:05
10.Johnny Lee's Mood (Bernard Besman, John Lee Hooker) - 5:07

The Jukin' Bone
*Joe Whiting - Vocals
*Danny Coward - Drums, Percussion
*John DeMaso - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
*Mark Doyle - Lead, Slide, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
*George Egosarian - Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*Kevin Shwaryk - Drums, Percussion (Track 8)

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