Friday, September 3, 2021

Bonnie Koloc - Hold On To Me (1972 us, remarkable jazzy folk rock)

Bonnie moved to Chicago at the age of 24 and was recognized for her talent as a folk singer. Then she moved to New York with great ambition, but soon returned to Chicago with disappointment and released her debut LP, "After All This Time." Her first three albums,  have been widely recognized for their musicality not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom and Canada. 

Her singing ability is very good and she is overflowing with charm. Nine guest musicians support her playing skills, but her cool voice boasts a terrifying power that suppresses all instruments. For a moment, her voice reaches its peak when all the instruments stop playing and listen to her. Her voice sounds very familiar, very similar to the British folk rock singers like Linda Hoyle. 
1. Sailing Ship (Bob Carpenter) - 3:02
2. Burgundy Wine (Bob Carpenter) - 2:36
3. The Lover In Winter Plaineth For The Spring - 0:50
4. Hold On To Me (Jim Glover) - 5:57
5. Sweet Mama (Bonnie Koloc, Ron Scroggin) - 3:12
6. We Are Ships (Bonnie Koloc, Norm Christian) - 3:41
7. Angel From Montgomery (John Prine) - 2:38
8. Jamaica (Jackson Browne) - 3:35
9. Diamond Lil (David Bromberg) - 5:32
10.Every Day II (Bonnie Koloc, Ron Scroggin) - 4:14

*Bonnie Koloc - Guitar, Vocals
*Allen Barcus - Piano
*Bobby Christian - Percussion
*Norman Christian - Drums
*Bobby Lewis - Guitar
*Wally Pillich - Bass
*Ron Scroggin - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
*Philip Michael Thomas - Congas
*Phil Upchurch - Bass, Guitar 
*Trevor Veitch - Guitar, Dobro