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Rick Price And Mike Sheridan - This Is To Certify The Gemini Anthology (1970-71 uk, outstanding art beat psych baroque folk, 2004 two disc set)

This is one of the better albums coming from the Move family tree. It was released in 1970 though it has a clear 1967/1968 sound and is one of the best albums of its kind. Rick Price entered the Move sometime in the late 60s, contributing bass and guitar to “Shazam“, “Looking On” and “Message From The Country.” Mike Sheridan had previously been leader of the Nightriders which were a Birmingham group that specialized in the merseybeat sound and 50s rock n roll.

The Nightriders were sort of a breeding ground for future Move members, most importantly Roy Wood. During Price’s tenure with the Move, he and Sheridan started writing songs together for the above album. Both Sheridan and Price share vocals and writing chores on an album that veers into power pop, psychedelia, sunshine pop and progressive pop. There are horn and string arrangements on this beautiful album that recall some of Paul McCartney’s soft moments on the Beatles’ classic White Album (think “Martha My Dear” or even the Move’s great “Beautiful Daughter”). Some of the heavier moments like “Sometimes I Wonder,” “Lamp Lighter Man,” and “Lightning Never Strikes” sound like excellent 68/69 era Move outtakes. In fact, “Lighting Never Strikes” was released as a Move single at the tail end of the 60s. Sheridan and Price’s version is just as good though not as trippy, with a splendid backwards guitar solo, slashing acoustic guitars and crashing drums. Other songs such as the string laden pop number “Davey Has No Dad” or the trippy “Picture Box” have a beautiful child-like, story song whimsy that hints at a Ray Davies influence.

This is an exceptional if little known Move album that will appeal to fans of the Beatles, Kinks and even lovers of soft, sunshine pop sounds.
by Jason Nardelli
Disc 1
1. Rick Price - Davey Has No Dad - 2:52
2. Mike Sheridan - Lightning Never Strikes - 2:37
3. Rick Price - Bitter Sweet - 2:41
4. Rick Price And Mike Sheridan - Tracy Smith - 2:04
5. Mike Sheridan - Sometimes I Wonder - 2:39
6. Rick Price - Tomorrow's Child (Rick Price) - 2:23
7. Rick Price - Face In My Window (Rick Price) - 2:17
8. Mike Sheridan - Will You Leave Me Behind - 2:04
9. Rick Price And Mike Sheridan - Beautiful Sally - 2:03
10.Rick Price And Mike Sheridan - On The Moon - 2:30
11.Rick Price - Picture Box (J. Rodgers) - 2:08
12.Mike Sheridan - Lamp Lighter Man - 2:55
13.Mike Sheridan - Follow Me, Follow (Jeff Lynne) - 2:41
14.Mike Sheridan - When Love Breaks Your Heart (A. Tyler) - 1:39
15.Rick Price - Top Ten Records - 2:12
All songs by Rick Price, Michael Tyler except where stated
Disc 2
1. Rick Price - Butterfly - 2:48
2. Rick Price - April Is Here (Rick Price, Michael Tyler) - 3:46
3. Rick Price - Daisy Farm Park - 2:30
4. Rick Price - Misty Morning - 4:05
5. Rick Price - Talking To The Flowers (Terry Slater, Jacqueline Ertel, Venetia Stevenson) - 2:22
6. Rick Price - Who Am I (Rick Price, Michael Tyler) - 2:27
7. Rick Price - It's Over (J. Rodgers) - 2:03
8. Rick Price - Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin) - 2:09
9. Rick Price - And The Singer Sings His Song (Neil Diamond) - 4:47
10.Rick Price - Love Her (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil) - 3:27
11.Rick Price - Please, No More Sad Songs (Jeff Lynne) - 3:34
12.Rick Price - And Now (Rick Price, Michael Tyler) - 3:43
13.Rick Price - Dream (Michael Tyler) - 2:03
14.Rick Price - Hey Little One (Barry De Vorizon, Dorsey Burnette) - 2:00
15.Rick Price - Take My Hand For A While (Buffy Saint Marie) - 2:12
16.Rick Price - I Can Get Found - 3:49
17.Rick Price - Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:33
18.Rick Price - Caroline - 2:27
19.Rick Price - Turn Around - 2:54
20.Rick Price - Love Is A Lonesome River (Glenn Campbell) - 1:54
21.Rick Price - Give Me Peace - 2:13
22.Rick Price - My Crying Time - 2:05
23.Rick Price - Galveston (Jimmy Webb) - 2:07
24.Rick Price - We Believe In Jesus (Michael Tyler) - 4:13
All song by Rick Price except where indicated
Tracks 13-24 Previously Unreleased

*Rick Price - Bass, Vocals
*Mike Sheridan - Vocals
*Roy Wood - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion
*Jeff Lynne - Guitar

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