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Longdancer - If It Was So Simple (1973 uk, delicate smooth folk rock, with young David Stewart from Eurythmics fame, Vinyl edition)

Longdancer was an early 70s English folk-rock band that included David A. Stewart (of Eurythmics fame). The group grew out of a folk duo comprising Stewart and Brian Harrison. The pair played clubs and support gigs in the north east of England and in 1971 recorded an EP for the local Multichord label. Soon afterwards they added further singer/guitarists Steve Sproxton and Kai Olsson and were re-named Longdancer. In 1973, they became the first artists to sign to Elton John’s Rocket label, touring with John before Olsson left to be replaced by Matt Irving (keyboards) and Charlie Smith (drums). The new line-up made a second album in 1974. Shortly afterwards, Longdancer split up.

In 1977, Stewart formed The Tourists and in 1981, with Annie Lennox, the highly successful Eurythmics.

Kai Olsson made a 1979 solo album for Chrysalis Records (Crazy Love) while Harrison and Smith played with folk singers Robin & Barry Dransfield before Smith joined Blue.

Irving recorded with Philip Rambow before joining The Lords Of The New Church in the 80s. 
1. Silent Emotions (Kai Olsson) - 4:21
2. Hold Up The World (Kai Olsson) - 3:40
3. Don't Turn Out The Lights (David Stewart) - 3:19
4. Trivialities (Steve Sproxton) - 5:10
5. Time To Pay (Brian Harrison, Steve Sproxton) - 4:39
6. Too Much To Soon (Kai Olsson) - 2:03
7. Take A Man (Steve Sproxton) - 2:36
8. Crying Out Loud (Steve Sproxton) - 4:43
9. Ballad Of Hillary (Kai Olsson) - 3:43
10.If It Was So Simple (Brian Harrison) - 4:27

*David A. Stewart - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
*Kai Olsson - Vocals
*Steve Sproxton - Guitars, Vocals
*Brian Harrison - Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
*Tony Ashton - Keyboards
*Jimmy Hall - Percussion
*Dave Mattacks - Drums
*Roger Powell - Drums
*Andy Roberts - Dulcimer
*Bob Rongs - Bass

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Joe Soap - Keep It Clean (1972 uk, smart folk classic rock, 2010 koream remaster)

Joe Soap was a band comprised of John Tennent and David Morrison and the album "Tennent & Morrison" {Polydor, 1972) was their first album. It was recorded with several members of Stone the Crows (Jimmy, Ronnie Leahy, Steven Thompson, Colin Allen), plus Herbie Flowers (bass) and Clem Cattini (drums). Their second album, "Keep It Clean" (as Joe Soap) (Polydor, 1973), featured Gerry Conway (drums, later in Jethro Tull) and Mik Kaminski (violin, from ELO). 

Although they were regarded as a second class British rock bands in the early 70s' they were very good indeed. They were one of the most underrated bands in the British rock & pop history. The album features ten tracks composed by John and David with help of Sandy Robertson (producer). Two guys rather thick but fascinating voices diffuse strong masculine beauty in all tracks.

In addition to it, a mastermind violinist Mike Kaminski's scattering violin features most of the tracks especially on "Feel Strange" and "On The Wing" are just superb. Jimmy McCulloch's intense guitar domains on every track as well. Overall, the album is an awesome combo set of typical British rock classics with strong American southern rock flavor

Both Tennent and Morrison and Keep It Clean are now extremely rare and occasionally surface on the collectors' market. After they release two albums, both John and David are not active as musicians but their talents and the albums still remain even now.
CD Liner-notes
1. Talkin"Bout You - 4:12
2. Warning Sign - 2:58
3. Lay It On Me - 7:05
4. Whatever The Song Is Now (Tennent) - 3:09
5. Get Out From Under - 3:00
6. Feels Strange - 3:24
7. On The Wing (Morrison) - 3:27
8. Time - 3:46
9. All Out Now - 3:22
10. Birdman (Tennent) – 3:33
All compositions by John Tennent, Dave Morrison unless as else indicated

*John Tennent - Guitar, Vocals
*Dave Morrison - Bottleneck, Vocals
*Jimmy McCulloch - Guitar
*Jerry Conway - Drums
*Jeff Pearce - Bass
*Mike Kaminski - Violin

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