Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Joe And Bing - Daybreak (1971 us, magical sunny baroque folk, 2004 bonus tracks remaster)

A lost sunshine pop gem – with some unique Brazilian touches! The album's the first offering from the folk rock team of Joe & Bing – an earthy duo who remind us a fair bit of Alzo & Udine, with jangly use of acoustic guitar, sweet harmony vocals, and a surprisingly soulful undercurrent. But added to this already-great style are some beautiful arrangements by a young Deodato and Atlantic pop stringmeister Harry Lookofsky – expanding the sound wonderfully, and giving the album a beautifully airy quality. 

The record also has the distinction of being one of the few to appear in Brazil on the legendary Quartin label – no doubt because of the Deodato connection – but overall, it's got a wonderful post-folk sound that's right up there with the best Sunshine pop of the late 60s! Titles include "Summer Sound", "Sail", "Drifting With Time", "Fenario", "If Love's In Season", and "I'm Not Forgetting Your Name". CD also features a whole bunch of bonus tracks, including the tunes "Come & Bring The Sun Again", "Those Sunday Soda Pop Dreams", "More Than I Can Live With", and "Panther Pond Breakdown".
1. Daybreak - 2:31
2. I'm Not Forgetting Your Name - 3:25
3. It's OK - 2:59
4. Summer Sound - 2:54
5. Fennario - 3:43
6. Love The One You're With (Stephen Stills) - 3:09
7. If Love's In Season - 2:53
8. Just Plain Livin' Blues - 2:21
9. Sail - 3:14
10.Drifting With The Time - 3:14 - 
11.Come And Bring The Sun Again - 3:15
12.Summer Sound - 2:47
13.If Love's In Season - 2:47
14.Without Her (Harry Nilsson) - 2:53
15.More Than I Can Live With - 2:31
16.Panther Pond Breakdown - 2:07
17.Those Sunday Soda Pop Dreams (William "Bing" Bingham, Joe Knowlton, McKeon) - 3:59
Words and Music by William "Bing" Bingham, Joe Knowlton except where noted
Bonus Tracks 11-17

*Joe Knowlton - 5-string Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*William Bingham - Guitars, Vocals
*Ken Asher - Organ, Piano
*Joe Beck - Electric Guitar
*Garnett Brown - Trombone
*Geoffrey Daking - Drums, Percussion
*Eumir Deodato - Keyboards
*Joe Foster - Synthesizer
*Harry Lookofsky - Violin
*Donald MacDonald - Drums, Percussion
*Don Payne - Bass
*Nick Robbins - Synthesizer
*Dom Um Romão - Drums, Percussion
*Bob Rose - Electric Guitar 
*Rick Rowe - Flute
*Jimmy Seldar - Trumpet
*Dick Hurwitz - Trumpet
*Grady Tate - Drums, Percussion