Saturday, May 21, 2016

Santana - Caravanserai (1972 us, gorgeous jazz fusion rock, 2011 MFSL Ultradisc)

Drawing on rock, salsa, and jazz, Santana recorded one imaginative, unpredictable gem after another during the 1970s. But Caravanserai is daring even by Santana's high standards. Carlos Santana was obviously very hip to jazz fusion -- something the innovative guitarist provides a generous dose of on the largely instrumental Caravanserai. Whether its approach is jazz-rock or simply rock, this album is consistently inspired and quite adventurous. 

Full of heartfelt, introspective guitar solos, it lacks the immediacy of Santana or Abraxas. Like the type of jazz that influenced it, this pearl (which marked the beginning of keyboardist/composer Tom Coster's highly beneficial membership in the band) requires a number of listenings in order to be absorbed and fully appreciated. But make no mistake: this is one of Santana's finest accomplishments. 
by Alex Henderson
1. Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation (Tom Rutley, Neal Schon, Michael Shrieve) - 4:28
2. Waves Within (Doug Rauch, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana) - 3:54
3. Look Up (To See What's Coming Down) (Doug Rauch, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana) - 3:00
4. Just In Time To See The Sun (Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve) - 2:18
5. Song Of The Wind (Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana, Neal Schon) - 6:04
6. All The Love Of The Universe (Carlos Santana, Neal Schon) - 7:36
7. Future Primitive (José Areas, Mingo Lewis) - 4:15
8. Stone Flower (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve) - 6:15
9. La Fuente Del Ritmo (Mingo Lewis) - 4:31
10.Every Step Of The Way (Michael Shrieve) - 9:07

*Carlos Santana – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
*Neal Schon – Guitar
*Gregg Rolie – Organ, Electric Piano, Vocals, Piano
*Douglas Rauch – Bass, Guitar
*Douglas Rodrigues – Guitar
*Wendy Haas – Piano
*Tom Rutley – Acoustic Bass
*Michael Shrieve – Drums, Percussion
*Jos̩ "Chepito" Areas РPercussion, Congas, Timbales, Bongos
*James Mingo Lewis – Percussion, Congas, Bongos, Vocals, Acoustic Piano
*Armando Peraza – Percussion, Bongos
*Hadley Caliman – Saxophone, Flute
*Rico Reyes – Vocals
*Lenny White – Castanets
*Tom Coster – Electric Piano
*Tom Harrell – Orchestra Arrangement

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