Monday, April 18, 2022

Omega Plus - How To Kiss The Sky (1969 france, heavy psych blues rock, 2002 hard sleeve issue)

"How to kiss the Sky" is the first trace of Claude Egel on record before he became a member of Magma. Omega Plus is the group formed by Claude Engel who is not content just to play - and very well too - guitar or flute but also gives a very good show as a vocalist. Released in '69, Omega Plus's album was influenced by Cream but its music also contains a foretaste of Magma on the B side which features a long piece full of electric energy, folly and a frenzied rhythmic beat. Claude Engel gives a fabulous display of his talent as a guitarist on this track.
by Francis Grosse, Bernard Gueffier

This trio led by Claude Engel made a legendary album . Just 1,000 copies were pressed in 1969. Side one had 5 short songs with English lyrics, ranging from heavy progressive blues-rock to largely acoustic songs (comparable to Cream and Blind Faith). Claude Engel's voice is also quite similar to Jack Bruce's. The other side had a long live track named "Voyelles", based on a poem by Arthur Rimbaud, including a recitation. This is the primal scream of "zeuhl" rock, in a very raw and rudimentary form that quite a few will interpret as vaguely planned three man jamming. Overall the album is undoubtedly historical, but not entirely satisfying for all that.
by Dag Asbjornsen
1. Unfaithful Woman (Claude Engel, Gerard Levy) - 3:46   
2. Spanish Feeling (Claude Engel, Gerard Levy) - 2:46    
3. Wild Cult (Claude Engel, L. Rambler) - 3:11    
4. Which Colour? (Claude Engel, Gerard Levy) - 2:15    
5. Do You Need Sugar? - 0:40   
6. Voyelles (Claude Engel, lyrics from a poem by Arthur Rimbaud) - 16:28    

Omega Plus
*Claude Engel - Guitars, Vocals, Flute, Recorder
*Gerard Levy - Bass
*Marcel Engel - Drums, Vocals