Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Screaming Gypsy Bandits - In The Eye (1973 us, fascinating melt of folk jazz blues brass rock)

The Screaming Gypsy Bandits were a popular Bloomington band during the early to mid 1970’s, playing live frequently with a revolving lineup; a core of Mark Bingham, Caroline Peyton, and Bruce Anderson remained relatively constant.  Their sound was an intriguing stew of roots rock, psychedelia, and jazz infused rock with gospel overtones, rendering their LP almost uncategorizable; further confusing the issue was that the studio album bore scant resemblance to their live performances.

Mark Bingham’s 1969 return to Bloomington after being under contract to Elektra Records got things rolling, and he led the band throughout its duration.  The album, In The Eye, was recorded at Jack Gilfoy Sound Studios and released on BRBQ Records in 1973, selling well enough to have multiple pressings.  Most have the cover pictured above; a few have a hand made collage cover.   The album was reissued on vinyl by Indianapolis label OR Records in 1996, in a limited edition of 375 copies.  More recordings were made, but not released, including an album provisionally entitled Kryptonite.

"In The Eye" is a genre-bending psychedelic expression unconcerned with the media, the fuzz, and society at large. After the band broke up, Bingham and Bourne started the Brain Sisters, which were short lived.  Bingham moved to New Orleans and began a long career as studio owner and producer, while continuing to record and release solo albums.  
Indiana Music
1. Prematurely (Fly Me Away) - 3:54
2. Junior - 7:23
3. All This Waiting - 3:36
4. Path Of Light - 5:00
5. In The Eye - 3:52
6. White Teeth - 5:28
7. Pedigree - 3:52
8. Mules - 3:15
9. Foggy Windows - 3:40
All songs by Mark Bingham

*Mark Bingham - Guitar, Vocals
*Brenden Harkin - Lead Guitar 
*Bruce Anderson - Slide Guitar 
*Caroline Peyton - Vocals 
*Dale Sophiea - Vocals 
*John Clayton - Bass  
*Jim Rapport - Bass  
*Bill Myers - Banjo 
*Willy Schwarz - Piano, Organ, Bass, Sarod, Tambura, Tabla 
*Terry Cook - Soprano Saxophone, Flute 
*Rick Lazar - Drums, Congas, Percussion 
*Regina Mushabac - Cello 
*Christine Kennery - Oboe 
*David Edge - Violin 
*Gail Middleton - Harp  
*Jim Van Valkenburg - Viola