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The Mojo Men - Whys Ain't Supposed To Be (1965-66 us, excellent garage beat, Sundazed release)

Quite a few references show The Mojo Men as being part of the San Francisco music scene.  Technically that's correct, but the original line up of 

singer/bassist Jim Alaimo, guitarist Paul Curcio, drummer Dennis DeCarr and keyboard player Don Metchick morphed out of the Coral Gables, Florida based The Valiants.  

Frontman Alaimo was a cousin to Steve Alaimo and had recorded some material under the monikers 'Jim Paris' and 'Jimmy Summers and the Slicks'.  The Valiants had actually provided backing on some Steve Alaimo sides, but 1964 saw the quartet head for San Francisco where they changed their name to 'The Mojo Men' and briefly picked up Sly Stone as a member. While Stone quickly moved on to form Sly and the Family Stone, he was instrumental in getting the group signed to San Francisco DJ 'Big Daddy' Tom Donahue's Autumn Records where they recorded three 45s during the 1965-66 period.  Stewart also wrote some of their material, including the hit 'She's My Baby' and produced most of their Autumn Records sides.

Prior to the release of their third single the band underwent a personnel change that saw original drummer DeCarr replaced by former Vejtables singer/ drummer Jan Errico.  The personnel switch also marked a change in musical direction with the band dropping their earlier garage/R&B leanings (they'd opened for the Stones during their first San Francisco concert appearance at the Civic Auditorium) for a far more polished and produced pop-oriented sound.  With Autumn in financial collapse, the group switched over to the much large Reprise Records. 
1. Something Bad (S. Stewart, Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:12
2. She's My Baby (Stone, S. Stewart, Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 3:33
3. My Woman's Head (S. Stewart, Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 3:53
4. The New Breed (S. Stewart, Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 3:35
5. Dance With Me (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:39
6. Off The Hook (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) - 2:43
7. Why (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:18
8. Fire In My Heart (Paul Curcio) - 2:51
9. As I Get Older (S. Stewart, Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 3:11
10.Mojo Men Day (Wmex Radio Spot) - 0:56
11.Mama's Little Baby (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio, Don Metchick) - 2:26
12.Oh Misery (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:10
13.Lost Love (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio, Don Metchick) - 2:07
14.Why Can't You Stay (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:25
15.Girl Won't You Go On Home (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 1:41
16.Cry Baby (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:40
17.Everything I Need (Paul Curcio) - 2:44
18.he Goes With Me (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 1:49
19.Free As A Bird (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 2:22
20.Loneliest Boy In Town (Steve Alaimo, Paul Curcio) - 3:03
21.Fire In My Heart (Demo Version) (Paul Curcio) - 2:34

The Mojo Men
*Jim Alaimo - Bass, Vocals
*Paul Curcio - Guitar, Vocals
*Dennis DeCarr - Drums, Vocals
*Don Metchick - Keyboards

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