Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Zabu - My Coffin's Ready (1972 france, amazing bluesy funk rock)

Lucien Zabuski, aka Zabu, was the original vocalist for Magma, prior to the enlistment of Klaus Blasquiz. This is his first post-Magma solo album, which showcases his unique gravelly voice in a blues setting. The album is quite good, but it should be noted this is a blues-rock album, nothing particularly progressive here, and nothing that connects it with the Magma sound, despite the fact that it features Magma alumni Christian Vander, Francis Moze, Jeff Seffer and Teddy Lasry on a few tracks. 
by Peter Thelen, 1994-02-01
1. Yellow Girl - 3:58
2. Doctor Moonshine - 3:42
3. Coffin's Ready - 8:27
4. Subversion Blues - 5:26
5. Informer Blues - 4:10
6. Silent Angel - 5:10
7. Ice-Pick Blues - 1:39
All compositions by Lucien Zabuski, Serge Grunberg

*Lucien Zabuski - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
*Serge Grunberg - Backing Vocals
*Dominique Frideloux - Lead, Rhythm Guitars, Bells
*Marc Perru - Lead, Rhythm Guitars
*Francis Moze - Piano
*Lahouari Benne Gjadi - Electric Piano
*Edouard Magnani - Bass
*Richard Siltich - Bass
*Eric Langeberteaux - Flute, Voice
*Jeff Seffer - Saxophone
*Teddy Lasry - Saxophone
*B.B. Brutus - Bass
*Christian Vander - Bass 
*Michel Santangelli - Bass