Monday, November 10, 2014

Picadilly Line - The Huge World Of Emily Small (1967 uk, marvellous psych baroque pop, 2006 remaster)

The Picadilly Line's The Huge World Of Emily Small is one of those albums that just seems to have slipped under the radar of most UK pop psych collectors. As such, it has never been re-issued in any form! The band (essentially a duo led by Rod Edwards and Roger Hand, who would later record as Edwards Hand) flourished briefly in the late '60s releasing this one album. 

With them is the cream of UK session men including Danny Thompson (bass), Alan Hawkshaw (keys), Herbie Flowers (bass) and Harold McNair (flute). The Picadilly Line even managed an appearance at The Middle Earth club in London, the then hallowed centre of the UK psychedelic scene. The album is breezy post-Sgt. Pepper psychedelic pop with plenty of swinging London vibes, orchestration and evocative whimsical lyrics.

Reference points are a psychedelic Hollies, Chad and Jeremy (circa Of Cabbages and Kings) Nirvana, Kaleidoscope (UK), World Of Oz, Donovan and The Bee Gees. Filled with beautiful dreamy vocal harmonies and elaborate electric and acoustic arrangements, this is a real trip back to the height of UK Flower Power. 

All material is original except for a great version of Dylan's 'Visions of Johanna' and The Everly Brothers' 'Gone, Gone Gone.' Features ten unreleased bonus tracks exclusive to this CD, including their non-album singles 'Yellow Rainbow'/'Evenings with Corinna' and 'Evening with Corinna'/'My Best Friend,' both from 1968. Digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes and re-released with full consent of the producer and band. Booklet includes unseen photos from the period and band biography and the CD features ten bonus tracks.

1. Emily Small (The Huge World Thereof) - 2:28
2. Silver Paper Dress - 2:42
3. At The Third Stroke - 2:56
4. Can You See Me? - 2:08
5. Your Dog Won't Bark - 2:55
6. How Could You Say You're Leaving Me? - 2:37
7. Gone, Gone, Gone (Don Everly, Phil Everly) - 2:17
8. Twiggs - 3:44
9. Tumble Down World - 2:50
10.Visions Of Johanna (Bob Dylan) - 6:08
11.Come And Sing A Song - 2:57
12.Her Name Is Easy - 3:25
13.Rosemary's Bluebell Day - 3:08
14.Gunny Sunside - 3:37
15.Country Girl - 3:07
16.No One Else Can See - 2:41
17.Yellow Rainbow (Graham Nash, Kirk Duncan, Nicky James) - 2:16
18.I Know, She Believes (Spencer Davis) - 3:02
19.Evenings With Corinna - 2:47
20.My Best Friend (Norrie Maclean) - 2:31
21.Memories Fade - 1:35
22.I Can Tell You Everything - 2:18
All compositions by Rod Edwards, Roger Hand except where indicated

The Picadilly Line
*Roger Hand - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Rod Edwards - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Guest Musicians
*Norrie McLean - Bass Guitar   (tracks: 17 to 20)
*Herbie Flowers - Bass (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Mo Foster - Bass (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Danny Thompson - Double Bass [String] (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Barry Morgan - Drums  (tracks: 1 to 16) ,
*Dougie Wright - Drums  (tracks: 1 to 16) ,
*Keith Hodge - Drums  (tracks: 17 to 20)
*Tony Carr - Drums, Percussion  (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Harold McNair - Flute (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Alan Parker - Guitar  (tracks: 1 to 16) ,
*Colin Green - Guitar  (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Alan Hawkshaw - Keyboards (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Roger Coulam- Keyboards (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Harry Stoneham - Organ (tracks: 1 to 16)
*Jan Barber - Vocals  (tracks: 17 to 20)

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