Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blue Sandelwood Soap - Loring Park Love Ins (1968 us, groovy beat psych with baroque folk sparkles)

From the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Blue Sandlewood Soap was one of relatively few '60s psychedelic groups from the region (though there were others, such as C.A. Quintet and, on some of their records, the Litter and T.C. Atlantic).

Groovy 12-string guitar, subtle bass work, and far-out Farfisa solos are woven together by truly strange tempos and surprising breaks, about half of this release was recorded in the basement of organist Harley Toberman's apartment around 1967.
1.Friends I Haven't Met Yet (Dave Bergsland, Dan Knudson, Harley Toberman) - 3:07
2.Nickel Bag Of Blue - 2:27
3.How Can I Show My Love (Harley Toberman) - 3:01
4.Reborn In Eastern Meditiation - 2:52
5.Love Pirt (Dave Bergsland, Dan Knudson, Harley Toberman) - 5:20
6.Without A Sond - 2:36
7.Did You See The Man (Dave Bergsland, Dan Knudson, Steve Luck) - 3:41
8.Just For The Moment (Byrne, Dan Knudson) - 3:38
9.What Is Life - 2:01
10.A Most Unusual Way (Dan Knudson, Steve Luck) - 2:59
11.A Childlike Face (Dave Bergsland, Dan Knudson, Harley Toberman) - 2:23
12.Love Is (Byrne, Dan Knudson) - 2:08
13.That's Cool - 3:26
14.Interludes (Byrne, Dan Knudson) - 12:19
15.The Girl Stares Coldly (Byrne, Dan Knudson) - 2:19
16.I See The Lightning Roar - 1:59
17.Age Of The Magic Men (Dave Bergsland, Dan Knudson, Harley Toberman) - 4:20
18.Northwest Arilines (Demo) (Harley Toberman) - 2:26
All songs by Dave Bergsland and Dan Knudson except where stated

Blue Sandalwood Soap
*Dan Knudson - Guitar, Vocals
*Steve Luck - Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
*Dave Bergsland - Drums
*Harley Toberman - Farfisa Organ

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