Sunday, September 3, 2023

Rastus - Rastus (1971 us, impressive blues jazz brass rock)

“Rastus” released in 1971 as a Double LP, the first disc was recorded  live in concert, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the second was recorded at Sonad Studios, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

In 1968 a group of gentlemen came to see me in Detroit to ask if I might be interested in producing a band consisting of six men. After listening to the tape of the band, I decided to go to Cleveland to listen to the band live.

The band at that time was called The Fifth Amendment. Later to be changed to The Sixth Amendment when they added another man. The band would later be called Rastus and would become the terror horn band of all time.

This band, when it was on….was scary to behold. No one wanted to follow this band on stage. As a matter of fact, Rastus gained a thirteen week contract to open for The Ike and Tina Turner Review. After the third show (which took place at Cobo Hall in Detroit), Ike Turner came up to me and said, “Gotta cut you loose!” When I asked Ike what he meant, he simply stated, “Your band’s too hot. You are supposed to set us up. Not kill us before we play!”

This is the story of a truly great band who never had the opportunity to be heard. Listen in to the interview with Jim Cantale and myself as we go through the heartbreak and agony of a band that should have made it all the way to the top but, for various reasons, never got the break they deserved.

This series of shows is dedicated to those members of Rastus who have gone on before us. To magnificent drummer and wonderful friend, Smokey Smelko. To cutting-edge horn man, Vic Walkuski. And last, but not least, to Mr. Angelo Crimi (manager) who hung in to the bitter end with this phenominal band and, thank God, is still living in Cleveland. Without these people, Rastus could never have survived the short time they did.
1. Black Cat (Brian Auger) - 9:28
2. Texas / The Bells (Medley) (Billy Ward / Buddy Miles, Mike Bloomfield) - 12:30
3. Walking In The Park (Graham Bond) - 4:01
4. Goodnight Nelda Greb (The Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off) (Tracy Nelson) - 15:16
5. Wizard Of Oz Medley (E.Y. Harburg, Harold Arlen) - 1:01
6. Sinnin' For You (Owen Finnegan, Keef Hartley, Peter Dines, Fiona Hewitson) - 5:42
7. Farmer Jo (Laura Nyro) - 4:19
8. 1-75 Riff (John Rhys) - 5:19
9. Desperately Mrs. Jones/Ja-Da (Bob Carleton, Don Nagy, John Rhys) - 3:56
9. Sailin' Easy (Al Wilmont, Elmer George Clawson, Gary Quackenbush, Scott Richardson) - 2:56
10.Black Cat (Brian Auger) - 3:00
11.El Congo Valiente (Johnny Richards) - 2:15
12.Warm (John Rhys) - 4:59
13.Multicolored Taxicab (Artie Feldman) - 4:16
Tracks 1-4  Recorded live in concert, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tracks 5-14 Recorded at Sonad Studios, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

*Don Nagy - Bass, Trumpet 
*Mike «The Frist» Geraci - Baritone, Tenor Saxophones, Backing Vocals
*Vic Walkus - Alto, Tenor Saxophone
*Dave «Smokey» Smelko - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
*George Sopuch - Guitar
*Tony Corrao - Guitar
*Daniel Matthew Magalen - Lead Vocals, Baritone Saxophone
*Marc Roman - Lead Vocals, Trombone
*Arthur Edward Appleton, Jr. - Trombone