Thursday, November 17, 2022

Cromwell - At The Gallop (1975 ireland, exciting guitar pub rock, 2022 remaster)

Emerging from the giant shadow cast by the greatness of Thin Lizzy, this obscure band with a venomous guitar attack, and dual vocalists that kick ass and take names, puts the ‘ire’ in Ireland and delivers with a sound that’s not for the squeamish.

Initially self-released in 1975 by the Drumcondra, Dublin-based Cromwell, At The Gallop is a blistering, heavy, loud’n’lascivious ten track offering (thirteen in this expanded edition) of infused street rock’n’roll from a time when Ireland was still under the sway of conservative showbands, quasi-religious, sentimental pop pap and traditional Irish music.

Despite their cultural struggles, Cromwell crafted a creative and compact catalog—five fuzzed’n’ferocious 45s and this footlong—led by co-vocalist/bassist Michael Kiely’s come hither coo and fey Jagger pose’n’preen, the in-the-pocket drumming of Derek Dawson and minor-guitar hero moves of Patrick Brady, exercising taste, talent and towering mountains of fuzz’n’fury as comfortably as greasy ‘70s raunch and rural modes. At The Gallop is a rare—fetching upwards of 400€ when the original LP does appear—little heard classic in the pub/ fried rock’n’roll /proto-punk terrain.
1. Ireland (The Wild One) (Michael Kiely, Patric Brady, Derek Dawson) - 3:26
2. Down On The Town - 3:32
3. First Day - 3:23
4. You Got It Made - 3:36
5. At The Gallop - 2:24
6. Guiness Rock - 4:14
7. Hoodwinked (Michael Kiely, Patric Brady, Derek Dawson) - 2:22
8. Nothing Left To See - 4:07
9. Deal Me In - 2:47
10.Dawson's Fun Palace - 3:22
11.Stomp Stomp Stomp - 2:48
12.You Hate It To Turn On - 3:40
13.Guiness Rock - 3:47 
All compositions by Michael Kiely, Patric Brady except where stated
Bonus Tracks 11-13

*Michael Kiely - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer
*Patric Brady - Vocals, Electric, Slide Guitars
*Derek Dawson - Drums, Percussion Jews Harp
*Joylon Jackson - Piano (Track 7)
*John O'Callaghan - Organ (Tracks 3,8)
*Finin O'Callaghan - Guitar, Harmony Vocals 
*John Keogh - Piano (Track 4)