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Heads Hands And Feet - Heads Hands And Feet (1971 uk, remarkable classic rock with blues and country tinges)

Following the dissolution of Poet & the One Man Band, Albert Lee (guitar), Pete Gavin (drums), Tony Colton (vocals), and Ray Smith (guitar) got together with Chas Hodges (bass, violin, vocals) and Mike O'Neill (keyboards) to form the country-influenced Heads, Hands & Feet and recorded a double album that had a great deal in common with the work of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the Grateful Dead at that time. Their self-titled debut album, populated with guests from the folk and singer/songwriter scenes, was released as a double record in the U.S., but only as a single album in Europe. The record was very well regarded, with Lee's guitar work garnering attention.

Keyboardist O'Neill departed soon after the album's release, and the band proceeded to move away from country influences and toward rock. Band split before the 1973 release of Old Soldiers Never Die, which marked the group's move to Atlantic Records. Albert Lee moved on to found the Albert Lee Band with Pete Gavin and Chas Hodges, and eventually joined Eric Clapton's band. Chas Hodges later formed the duo Chas & Dave with Dave Peacock. 
by Steven McDonald
1. I'm in Need of Your Help (Pat Donaldson, Raymond Barry Smith, Tony Colton) - 1:51
2. Send Me a Wire - 3:56
3. Look at the World It's Changing/You Because You Know Me - 8:43
4. Green Liquor - 5:48
5. Country Boy (Tony Colton, Albert Lee, Raymond Barry Smith) - 5:34
6. Tryin' to Put Me On - 3:23
7. I Wish You Knew Me - 4:29
8. Devil's Elbow - 5:04
9. Pete Might Spook the Horses (Raymond Barry Smith, Tony Colton, Pete Gavin) - 5:20
10.Everybody's Hustlin'/Hang Me, Dang Me (Tony Colton, Raymond Barry Smith, Chas Hodges) - 8:11
11.Delaware - 4:58
12.The More You Get, the More You Want (Tony Colton, Pete Gavin, Chas Hodges, Albert Lee, Mike O'Neill) - 6:56
13.Song for Suzie - 7:11
14.Tirabad - 3:33
15.Little Bit Lonely - 2:22  
All songs by Raymond Barry Smith, Tony Colton except where noted

Heads Hands And Feet
*Tony Colton  - Vocals
*Raymond Barry Smith - Guitar, Vocals
*Mike O'Neill  - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
*Albert Lee  - Guitar, Dobro, Vibes, Moog Synthesizer, Vocals
*Pete Gavin  - Drums, Percussion, Vibes Vocals
*Chas Hodges  - Bass, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals
*Ray Osborne  - Vocals 
*Elton Dean  - Alto Saxophone
*Jerry Donahue  - Vocals

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