Monday, January 3, 2022

Beggar's Opera - Sagittary (1974 uk, fine multiblended rock, 2007 digipak remaster)

After moving to Germany, they began collaborating with Jupiter, producing “Sagittary” in 1974. Ricky gathered together Pete Scott on vocals, Virginia Scott on keyboards and drummer Mike Travis, ex of Gilgamesh. As in the previous one the pieces are of short duration, and the compositional verve of the first works seems to have faded. The rhapsodies listened to in the first albums leave room for some good tracks, developed in a simpler form and close to the “song.”

The Operatic-ones romp through a selection of ten melodic and stimulating songs, such as ‘Something To Lose’, ‘World Crisis Blues’ and the sweetly titled ‘Smiling In A Summer Dress’. Here is a band that built up a loyal audience for its adventurous blend of rock and the classics, and has long since retained its cult following.
1. Sagittary - 4:50
2. Love Of My Own - 2:37
3. Smiling In A Summer Dress - 3:54
4. World Crisis Blues - 2:36
5. Just 21 - 4:03
6. Simplicity - 2:52
7. Freedom Song - 3:19
8. Something To Lose - 2:58
9. I'm The Music Man - 4:23
10.Jack The Ripper - 2:52
All compositions by Ricky Gardiner, Colin MacFarlane, Virginia Scott 

Beggar's Opera
*Pete Scott - Lead Vocals
*Ricky Gardiner - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
*Virginia Scott - Keyboards
*Mike Travis - Drums