Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Osmosis - Osmosis (1970 us, brilliant heavy experimental jazz prog rock, 2017 remaster)

Hailing from the Boston area of the USA, Osmosis was a seven-piece group fronted by the legendary saxophonist and flautist Charlie Mariano and also featured Bobby Knox (vocals), Andy Steinborn (lead guitar), Danny Comfort (bass), Charlie Bechler (keyboards), Lou Peterson (drums) and Bobby Clark (drums, percussion).

On stage, Osmosis were a powerful band, featuring two percussionists. In the studio the group were brave and experimental, arguably becoming one of the first true Progressive bands to emerge in the United States. Their sole album can be compared to the work of British groups such as Van Der Graaf Generator, Soft Machine or King Crimson, whilst also revealing a more jazz orientated side to their character.

Long overlooked, Osmosis has been re-mastered from the original RCA master tapes. The booklet features an essay by Sid Smith featuring an exclusive interview with guitarist Andy Steinborn. This remarkable album was a fusion of early Progressive and Jazz Rock and was released by RCA Records in 1970.
1. Of War And Peace (In Part) (Andy Steinborn, Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler, Danny Comfort) - 1:06
2. Beezlebub (Andy Steinborn, Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler) - 3:51
3. Thoughts Aften Stray (Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler) - 2:50
4. Sunrise (Andy Steinborn) - 2:31
5. Shadows (Charlie Mariano, Miki Boni) - 3:34
6. Adrift (Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler, Danny Comfort) - 4:52
7. Sunlight (Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler) - 2:32
8. Scorpio Rising (Bobby Clark) - 2:58
9. Please Let Me Go (Bobby Knox, Charlie Mariano) - 4:24
10.Geoffery's Tune (Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler) - 3:40
11.Of War And Peace (In Full) (Andy Steinborn, Bobby Knox, Charlie Bechler, Danny Comfort) - 7:22
12.Sleep, My Love (Epilogue) (Charlie Mariano) - 1:52

*Charlie Mariano - Soprano, Alto Saxophones, Flute, Nagaswaram
*Bobby Knox - Lead Vocals
*Danny Comfort - Bass
*Lou Peterson - Drums
*Bobby Clark - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
*Andy Steinborn - Guitar, Background Vocals
*Charlie Bechler - Keyboards, Melodica, Tympani, Chimes

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