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Magna Carta - Magna Carta / Times Of Change (1969 uk, bright gifted harmonically psych folk)

In progressive rock circles, Magna Carta are a bit like the Little Engine That Could -- from relatively modest beginnings in 1969, they've endured across 36 years and counting, even as their louder, more heavily amplified rivals from the same era have long since been consigned to history. Acts such as King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer may be better (and much more widely) known, but Magna Carta have stayed together, making music decades longer. 

The group was founded in 1969 by Chris Simpson (who also sang) and Lyell Tranter on acoustic Gibson guitars and Glen Stuart singing harmony. Formed in London, they made their debut at the Coalhole Folk Club in Cambridge, and coming off of the enthusiastic response to the ten songs they did that night, Magna Carta were rolling. They were not, strictly speaking, a pure folk group even then, but utilized folk and traditional elements very heavily in their songwriting and sound, in a manner similar to that adopted by John David Gladwin and Terry Wincott of the Amazing Blondel at approximately the same time. 
by Bruce Eder
1. Times Of Change - 2:50
2. Daughter Daughter - 4:08
3. Old John Parker - 2:47
4. I Am No More - 4:14
5. Ballad Of Francis Alabadalejo - 5:22
6. Spinning Wheels Of Time - 3:23
7. Romeo Jack - 3:39
8. Mid Winter - 3:35
9. Shades Of Grey - 3:13
10.Emily Thru' The Window Pane - 3:31
11.Sea And Sand - The Isle Of Pabay - 3:25
12.Seven O'Clock Hymn - 6:18
13.Seven O'Clock Hymn / Mid Winter (Live) - 12:50
All Music and Lyrics by Chris Simpson

The Magna Carta
*Glenn Stuart - Vocals
*Chris Simpson - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Lyell Tranter - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Additional Musicians
*Harold Mcnair - Flute
*Johnny Van Derek - Fiddle
*Danny Thompson - String Bass
*Frank Hedges - Percussion
*Tony Carr - Percussion
*Spike Heatley - String Arranger

1969-2006  Magna Carta - Tomorrow Never Comes-The Anthology (2007 double disc remaster)

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