Friday, January 28, 2022

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth (1968 us, fine paisley folk psych, 2007 edition)

A seemingly endless tidal wave of groups swept along the Californian coast in the wake of Jefferson Airplane in the late ’60s and Morning Glory is one of the more noteworthy bands who lived in the shadow of the great “White Rabbit”. The band cut their one and only record in May 1968. Produced by Abe “Voco” Kesh (best known for his work with Bay Area psychedelic rockers Blue Cheer) and engineered by John Cale.

The album is a solid, tightly arranged set of lysergic love which puts the stereo effect to head-swimming use while combining barrelhouse psych-organ, upfront drum fills and female-male harmonies, to ensure that trippy vibe keeps you guessing. And numbers as good as the haunting, Eastern-influenced psych-folk melancholia of “Jelly Gas Flame” and the dreamy pop of the harpsichord-led “I See a Light” ensure that this is one obscure vinyl artifact which is actually worth digging up.
by Alan Brown, 8 January 2008 
1. Need Someone - 4:28
2. I Cry - 2:34
3. Hey Little Girl - 2:22
4. Stone Good Day - 4:00
5. Even When I'm Up I'm Down (Danny NuDelman) - 5:20
6. Jelly Gas Flame (Danny NuDelman) - 4:38
7. I See A Light (Danny NuDelman, Gini Graybeal) - 3:12
8. Live For Today - 3:12
9. Point Of No Return (Larry Gerughty) - 5:02
10.So Glad Being Here - 3:37
All compositions by Bob Bohanna except where stated
Morning Glory
*Danny NuDelman - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals  
*Gini Graybeal - Lead Vocals, Cymbal, Tambourine
*Larry Gerughty - Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Vocals 
*Bob Bohanna - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals 
*Allen Wehr - Drums