Wednesday, June 28, 2023

White Light - White Light (1976 us, impressive experimental prog rock, 2015 edition)

White Light was a progressive-rock group originally from New Orleans, then later from Austin, Texas, USA, where the group once recorded with Sonobeat Records (Mariani, Wildfire). White Light was comprised of Mike Hobren (guitars and vocals) Rob Haeuser (bass and synthesizers) and Rusty Haeuser (percussion and flute). On White Light's self-titled album, fans of mid-'70s progressive rock will be treated to a real romp of experimental music that utilizes a host of instrumentation and special effects. The group's music is powerfully expressed on the track "Pacemaker". 

Mike Hobren employed a diverse range of styles and techniques on the guitar, including the use of a cello bow on the introduction to the track "Stargazer". Rob Haeuser's bass grounded the music perfectly, and his synthesizer work was, at times, haunting. Rusty Haeuser provided well-rounded percussion to inject a powerful rhythm line into the music. White Light was heavily influenced by progressive groups like Yes, Pink Floyd and Weather Report, to name a few but with a fresh twist of their own. 
1. Fields - 2:45
2. Mere Drop In The Pool - 4:44
3. Solar Offering - 7:05
4. Oceans - 2:39
5. Spirits On The Wing - 4:01
6. Pacemaker - 4:03
7. Song For Leo - 6:02
8. Stargazer - 11:02
9. Fields - 3:47
10.Spirits On The Wing - 6:23
11.Pacemaker - 5:49
All compositions by Robert Neil Haeuser, Russell Michael Haeuser, Michael Alexander Hobren
Bonus Tracks 9-11

White Light
*Robert Neil Haeuser - Bass Guitar, Synthesizer
*Russell Michael Haeuser - Drums, Percussion, Flute
*Michael Alexander Hobren - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals