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Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground (1968 germany, fantastic acid freak psyh rock)

Rainer Degner, known as the guitarist of the 60s beat group German Bonds, had a passion for the old German children's song "Meister Jakob". This is also the name of the studio project (featuring session musicians). This is one of the first psychedelic albums in Germany and is therefore a very interesting and unusual listening pleasure. Not only members of the Rattles are involved in this project, but also old acquaintances from German Bonds times, namely Peter Hecht and Dieter Horn, who in addition to their normal career with Lucifers Friend produced several unusual albums under pseudonymous names, including many productions under the Europe label. An example would be the band Electric Food. 

The only album by Bokaj Retsiem released on the Fass label, and their name is  the result from the backwards spelling of "Meister Jakob”. The listener can expect an excellent psychedelic album with a very good lead guitar, wobbly keyboard and crazy ideas. On the tracks that contain the word "Bokaj" in their name, snappy corruptions of the topic "Meister Jakob" are given at best. The highlight of the album for me is the beat number "I'm so afraid", which contains an extremely long fuzz guitar solo with wonderful feedback. "Bokaj Retsiem" is another relatively unknown gem from the interesting late '60s. 
1. So Bad - 6:04
2. Classic Bokaj - 0:29
3. It's Over - 4:21
4. Only A Child - 0:53
5. Sad Bokaj - 0:50
6. I'm So Afraid - 3:38
7. Bokaj Retsiem - 5:43
8. Bossa Bokaj - 0:30
9. Pill - 4:49
10.Something's Wrong With Bokaj - 0:45
11.Drifting - 4:39
All compositions by Rainer Degner

Bokaj Retsiem
*Rainer Degner - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Hecht - Keyboards
*Dieter Horns - Bass, Vocals
*Noam Hazeid Halevi - Drums, Percussion

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