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Bodkin - Bodkin (1972 uk, enormous heavy prog, 2008 bonus track digipak remaster)

Bodkin was a Scottish quintet that released a self-titled album in 1972 (over the years this current title has become attached to its release). A very palatable blend of dark organ-rock and dirty blues, Bodkin will surely please listeners interested in the murky and mysterious early years of the Heavy Prog scene and anyone seeking rare prog.

They made a classic-sounding, rough-edged heavy progressive rock with the emphasis on Doug Rome's Hammond organ and complimented by Mick Riddle's guitar, Bill Anderson's bass, Dick Sneddon on drums, and the cool wailing of Zeik Hume. Somewhat more jam-oriented than contemporaries such as Atomic Rooster or Uriah Heep (and not quite as hard-hitting), Bodkin nevertheless delivered spirited rock music with energetic interplay between guitar and organ, fine musicianship, and distractingly good compositions from the 21 year-old Doug Rome. Give it a listen, it will crush you against the wall until it is all over!  
1. Three Days After Death (Part 1) - 9:28
2. Three Days After Death (Part 2) - 7:09
3. Plastic Man - 5:59
4. Aunty Mary's Trashcan - 10:48
5. After Your Lumber - 5:12
6. Three Days After Death (Part 2) - Instrumental - 7:09
All compositions by Zeik Hume, Mick Riddle, Doug Rome, Dick Sneddon, Bill Anderson
Bonus Track 6

*Zeik Hume - Vocals
*Mick Riddle - Guitar
*Doug Rome - Organ
*Dick Sneddon - Drums
*Bill Anderson - Bass

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