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Butchamana And The Big Bang Brothers Band - Indian Dream (1981 us, remarkable acid folk psych country native rock, 2023 remaster)

Hopi native Bruce Hamana recorded his psychedelic loner-folk classic Hamana almost entirely by himself. For his follow up he enlisted John Wagner–fresh off the heels of recording albums for Indigenous psych groups like Winterhawk and XIT–to produce a full band studio album of solo-laden rural psychedelic rock. Originally released in 1981 in an impossibly small pressing by Mother Earth Records.

Bruce along with Henry Whirlwind Soldier (Sioux), Marty Deland (Sioux), Roy Deneh-Deal (Navajo), Tinker Nez (Apache/Navajo) and Kathryn Silversmith (Navajo). This wonderful LP was recorded at Wagner Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it is a highly collectible Indian Psych.
1. Border Land - 4:15
2. He Needs A Little More Than I - 4:35
3. Crazy World - 4:53
4. We All Need Reminding - 3:16
5. Going To Hell (They Say) - 3:15
6. Indian Dream - 4:27
7. Can Can Bar - 4:01
8. We'll Get By - 3:37
9. Gonna Make You Mine - 3:18
10.Sweet Confusion - 7:40
All songs written by Bruce Hamana

The Big Bang Brothers Band
*Bruce Hamana - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
*Pius Henry Whirlwind Soldier - Guitar 
*Roy Deneh-Deal - Bass
*Tinky Nez - Drums
*Marty Delano - Keyboards, Synthesizer
*Kathryn Silversmith - Backing Vocals

Skybird - Summer Of '73 (1974 uk, acid folk rock)

Summer of 73', an album by Skybird, who were Gifford Rolfe and Andrew Mullins, was recorded in August 1974. With all the songs written by Gifford, and arrangements by Andrew, it was the first album to be recorded and released in stereo following Mike's purchase of a Tascam 4 track machine and a new mixer. Andrew and Gifford were well known in the area, playing as a duo primarily in folk clubs. They are jointly credited with Mike for production, and were responsible for the artwork.

It seems that Mike was not happy about the original cut for the record, as he notes that it was recut on the 2nd November 'at the Beatles' Apple studio on Savile Row'.
1. Queen Magdalena - 3:25
2. Snowcloud - 3:37
3. A Thousand Miles Away - 2:57
4. Remembering - 4:09
5. I Can't Take No More - 2:48
6. Lately I Dream - 3:21
7. Legend - 4:21
8. Someone Ought To Tell Her - 2:53
9. Who Killed Whom ? - 5:01
10.So Long Ago -  2:50
11.Summer Of '73 - 6:06
All compositions by Gifford Rolfe

*Andrew Mullins - Dobro, Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Vocals, Synthesizer 
*Gifford Rolfe - Vocals, Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar
*Terry Kenyon - Harmonica  (Track 3)

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