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The Fabulous Rhinestones - The Fabulous Rhinestones (1972 us, marvelous blues jazz brass rock, 2011 japan extra track remaster)

In 1971 Woodstock promoter Michael Lang became interested in financing a band. The Fabulous Rhinestones carried a beefy set of blues rock numbers featuring lucid lead vocalist and guitarist Kal David. Marty Grebb on keyboards, vocal and sax, Harvey Brooks on bass, Greg Thomas on drums and Dino Andino on drowned out congas rounded out the group mixing more standards with their own original material.

The result is a cool carefree sophisticated album of first rate rock with a strong blues accent. This band has terrific chops. The rhythm section with Brooks and Greg Thomas percolates perfectly, and though Kal David's guitar solos are short they are top notch. Marty Grebb fills out the groups sound with distinctive keyboard work. Kal David's stylish vocals are truly memorable and it all adds up to a cheerful, laid back, very attractive record. 
by Allan J Moore
1. Nothing New (Kal David) - 5:04
2. Easy As You Make It (Kal David) - 3:36
3. Just Can't Turn My Back On You (Marty Grebb) - 3:42
4. Living On My Own Time (Kal David) - 3:26
5. Free (Harvey Brooks) - 4:15
6. What A Wonderful Thing We Have (Kal David, Marty Grebb) - 4:55
7. Live It Out To The End (Harvey Brooks, Marty Grebb) - 3:41
8. Harmonize (Harvey Brooks, Marty Grebb, Reinol 'Dino' Andino) - 3:12
9. Big Indian (Kal David) - 4:03
10.Positive Direction (Marty Grebb) - 5:12
11.What A Wonderful Thing We Have (Mono Mix Bonus Track) (Kal David, Marty Grebb) - 4:53

The Fabulous Rhinestones
*Harvey Brooks - Bass
*Kal David - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
*Marty Grebb - Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Saxophone
*Greg Thomas - Drums
*Reinol 'Dino' Andino - Congas
*Bob Pritchard - Trombone
*Terrel Eaton - Saxophone, Flute
*Ben Keith - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Paul Butterfield - Harmonica
*Stan Shafrin - Trumpet
*Jean Eley - Violin
*Harry Lookofsky - Violin
*Lewis Eley - Violin, Viola
*Hilda Harris - Vocals
*Marvin Grafton - Vocals
*Maretha Stewart - Vocals

1975  The Rhinestones - The Rhinestones (2011 korean remaster)
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