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Blues Magoos - Never Goin' Back To Georgia (1969 us, mighty psych blues rock with jazz elements, Vinyl edition)

Never Goin' Back to Georgia shows real evolution, their chops far more impressive than on Electric Comic Book, but this adventure certainly alienated their fan base, and as latter-day bands cloned the sound these guys implemented with Psychedelic Lollipop, what was the point of doing Willie Dixon with Santana overtones? The beautiful blue sky cover looks like the Allman Brothers, and only Emil "Peppy" Thielhelm remains to lead new members Eric-Justin Kaz on keyboard, trumpet, harp, vocals, John Liello on vibes, Roger Eaton on bass, Herb Lavelle on drums, Dean Evanson on flute, as well as an alto and two conga players. 

Peppy Thielhelm only contributes two originals, "I Can Feel It" (Feelin' Time) and "Georgia Breakdown," and even though it was always his band, the original 1966 hit single was written by the departed keyboard, bassist, and lead guitarist. What is here is not the Blues Magoos that we knew and loved, but excellent musicians playing a keyboard heavy neo Latin blues with some jazz licks thrown in for good measure. "Gettin' Off is a tasty track.
by Joe Viglione
1. Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley, Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden) - 4:10
2. Heart Attack (Willie Dixon) - 4:14
3. The Hunter (Al Jackson Jr., Booker T. Jones, Carl Wells, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Steve Cropper) - 4:15
4. Feelin' Time (I Can Feel It) (Emil Thielhelm, Eric Kaz) - 3:57
5. Gettin' Off (John Liello) - 5:27
6. Never Goin' Back To Georgia (El Pito) (Joe Cuba, Jamie Sabater) - 7:19
7. Broke Down Piece Of Man (Joe Shamwell, Steve Cropper) - 6:17
8. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Jimmy Cox) - 5:18
9. Georgia Breakdown (Emil Thielhelm, Eric Kaz, John Liello, Roger Eaton) - 6:47

Blues Magoos
*Peppy Thielheim - Guitar, Vocals
*Richie Dickon - Conga
*Roger Eaton - Bass, Vocals
*Dean Evenson - Flute
*Eric Kaz - Harmonica, Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
*John Liello - Vibes, Vocals
*Herb Lovelle - Drums
*Soto - Alto Saxophone
*Tito - Conga

1966  Psychedelic Lollipop (expanded issue)
1967  Electric Comic Book (expanded issue)
1968  Blues Magoos - Basic Blues Magoos (2004 expanded edition)

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