Thursday, December 22, 2022

Jane - Together (1972 germany, tremendous heavy prog rock)

Hardly another German rock act looks back on as long and successful a history as Jane. Founded in autumn 1970, after bassist Klaus Hess, saxophonist Werner Nadolny and vocalist Peter Panka had split from the professional act, Justice of Peace, changing not only their musical environment but also their instruments, Hess switched to guitars, Nadolny to organ, and Panka to drums.

Over two million copies of the eleven albums that saw the light of day via the legendary Krautrock label, Brain, were sold between 1972 and 1982, while releases like the debut, Together, and Fire, Water, Earth And Air or Live At Home (both tram 1976) are considered milestones in German rock history.

The clear, charismatic voice of mastermind, Peter Panka, and the deeply melodic style of their songwriting give the band their incomparable flair. 
1. Daytime - 8:05
2. Wind - 4:52
3. Try To Find - 5:24
4. Spain - 11:53
5. Together - 3:43
6. Hangman - 9:58
All compositions by Klaus Hess, Bernd Pulst

*Klaus Hess - Lead Guitar
*Bernd Pulst - Lead Vocals
*Werner Nadolny - Organ, Flute
*Charly Maucher - Bass, Vocals
*Peter Panka - Drums, Prcussion