Thursday, March 21, 2024

Richard Torrance - Eureka (1974 us, remarkable country folk classic rock)

Eureka” by Richard Torrance is a magical album. I know that I am not very objective, and that sometimes we abuse great qualifiers, overvaluing albums that are very good, but not special. This one is. From the feeling of freedom and natural connection that the artwork distills to songs solidly macerated in exquisite instrumentation. 

Singer-songwriter with his own personality, we find in his music echoes of the boogie funk of Leon Russell (his boss at the Shelter record label), the vocal harmonies of CS&N, the pop melodies of Seals&Crofts.

Like so many other American kids, Torrance “escaped” in the mid-60s from the most traditional America (in his case Bismarck, North Dakota) to live the Californian dream, gradually making a name for himself in the crowded Los Angeles scene.

In 1974 he began a recording career with “Eureka” that, although he will continue to produce albums that are super enjoyable to listen to.
by Albert Barrios, November 18, 2022
1. Ojai Road (Ken Weissman) - 2:03
2. I Just Don't Know - 2:27
3. Walking In The Rain - 2:53. 
4. Fire Child - 3:19
5. Traveling Minstrel - 3:16
6. Because Of You - 2:49
7. Ceremony - 2:58
8. Him - 4:32
9. Canyon Side - 3:50
All songs by Richard Torrance except where indicated

*Richard Torrance - Guitar, Vocals
*Gary Rowles - Guitar, Dobro, Vocals 
*Dennis Budman Mansfield - Drums 
*Monty Stark - Synthesizer Bass 
*Ken Weissman - Jew's Harp 
*Stephanie Black - Vocals
*Bill Lincoln - Guitar, Bass
*Joe McSwayne - Bass 
*Bill Cuomo - Keyboards 
*Eddie Tuduri - Drums 
*Duane Scott - Percussion 
*Elijah's Horns