Thursday, December 16, 2021

John Buck Wilkin - In Search Of Food Clothing Shelter And Sex (1970 us, magnificent orchestrated psych folk rock, 2016 korean remaster)

John "Bucky" Wilkin, the son of Marijohn Wilkin (author of the country classic "Long Black Veil"), is most noted as a session guitarist on numerous country and rock records of the 1970s, particularly outlaw country releases by Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Kinky Friedman, and Jessi Colter. He was also a songwriter and put out a little-known solo LP, In Search of Food, Clothing, Shelter & Sex, on Liberty. The record was easygoing, though sometimes moodily eccentric, country-folk-rock with frequent orchestration. Prior to his solo album, Wilkin had been in Ronny & the Daytonas, famous for their 1964 hot rod hit "Little GTO." Wilkin was also in the American Eagles (not to be confused with the much more famous Eagles), who also included keyboardist Chuck Leavell, and put out a single in 1969. 

"Boy of the Country," for its dark edginess, is a standout, though even so the orchestration somewhat dilutes the overall effect. Kris Kristofferson fans might find this an interesting collector's item due to the presence of an early, pre-Janis Joplin version of "Me and Bobby McGee" as well as "Apocalypse 1969" one of the better and harder-rocking cuts.
by Richie Unterberger
1. Apartment Twenty-One - 2:52
2. Faces And Places (Jane Leichardt) - 3:11
3. My God And I - 4:10
4. Boy Of The Country - 3:46
5. Apocalypse 1969 - 4:51
6. Me And Bobby McGee (Fred Foster, Kris Kristofferson) - 4:52
7. The Daydream - 5:22
8. Mary Jackson - 4:02
9. Long Black Veil / Nashville Sun (Danny Dill, Marijohn Wilkin, John Buck Wilkin) - 4:02
10.About Time / Nashville Sun Reprise - 2:12
Words and Music by John Buck Wilkin except where stated

*John Buck Wilkin - Vocals, Guitar
*Don Tweedy - Producer, Arranger, Conductor
*Anne Soodman - Vocals 
*Billy Sanford - Guitar, Mandolin 
*Bob Phillips - Trumpet 
*Brenton Banks - Violin
*Byron Bach - Cello, Violin 
*Charlie Hayward - Bass 
*Chuck Leavell - Keyboards
*Courtland Pickett - Bass  
*Dave Pell - Saxophone 
*Don Sheffield - Trumpet, Horn 
*Frank Beach - Trumpet 
*Frank Friedman - Guitar 
*Gary Vanosdale - Viola 
*Gene Cipriano - Woodwind, Horn
*George Tidwell - Trumpet 
*Gloria Strassner - Cello 
*Jerry Carrigan - Drums 
*Jesse Ehrlich - Cello  
*Jim Horn - Saxophone, Flute, Oboe 
*John Wyker - Guitar 
*Kenny Buttrey - Drums 
*Larry Butler - Piano 
*Leonard Malarsky - Violin  
*Lew McCreary - Trombone
*Lillian Hunt - Violin 
*Lloyd Ulyate - Trombone 
*Lou Mullenix - Drums   
*Marvin Chantry - Violin, Viola 
*Myron Sandler - Violin, Viola 
*Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet  
*Paul Hubinon - Trumpet   
*Paulo Alencar - Violin   
*Samuel Boghossian - Viola 
*Shari Zippert - Violin 
*Solie Fott - Violin 
*Spiro Stamos - Violin 
*Tom Scott - Saxophone 
*Wayne Butler - Trombone 
*Wayne Moss - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
*Wilbert Nuttycombe - Violin  
*Bill Green - Saxophone, Clarinet