Monday, May 3, 2021

Various Artists - Steppin' Through An Empty Time Fairytales Can Come True Volume V (1965-71 europe, beat psych harmonies)

The fifth volume in the Fairytales Can Come True series -- another 20 slices of British & European pop psych confection. Some names may be familiar, others may not. Hopefully, you'll find some new aural thrills within as you groove to an Irish folk band gone decidedly trippy, an Italian-only release from a Bournemouth-based soul band, a lilting number from the son of a world famous painter, a band from Harrow who became Italy's top psych outfit, and the singer of The Cheynes going psychedelically solo.

Come cats, hesitate a while at the barbecue, smile sweetly and keep it cool! Compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond), featuring artists Sleepy, Francis Lai, Mec Op Singers, Rokes, Pattersons, Dorian & The Mackensies, Love Affair, Katch 22, Spacetrack, Dave Anthony's Moods, Rifkin, Crown's Clan, David McNeil, Merseys, Sound Network, Malcolm Holland, Rattles, Wishful Thinking, Keith Field, and Montanas. 
Artists - Tracks - Composer
1. Sleepy - Mrs. Bailey's Barbecue And Grill (Mike Fowle, Ian Wallace) - 3:33
2. Francis Lai - Keep It Cool (Francis Lai) - 2:00
3. Mec Op Singers - Stop The Machine (P. Vink) - 2:47
4. Rokes - Ride On (Shapiro) - 2:32
5. Pattersons - I Can Fly (Brian Japp) - 2:59
6. Dorian And The Mackensies - Stay With Me (J. Godefroy, J. P. Fasseau) - 2:28
7. Love Affair - She Smiled Sweetly (Mick Jagger, Keith Richard) - 2:29
8. Katch 22 - Baby Love (Tokenam Aw) - 2:08
9. Spacetrack - Steppin' Through An Empty Time (F. F. Hoeke) - 3:15
10.Dave Anthony's Moods - Fading Away (Tim Walker, Wavan) - 2:47
11.Rifkin - Contintental Hesitation (Rifkin) - 4:13
12.Crown's Clan - No Place For Our Minds (J. Kroon, W. Ras) - 2:14
13.David McNeil - My Love (David McNeil) - 2:28
14.Merseys - The Cat (Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway) - 2:58
15.Sound Network - How About Now (J. Stewart, N. Nichols) - 2:07
16.Malcolm Holland - Dawning Of The Day (Malcolm Holland) - 3:41
17.Rattles - Mister / Keep Your Hands Off My Sister (Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer) - 5:22
18.Wishful Thinking - She Belongs To The Night (Dave Morgan) - 2:53
19.Keith Field - The Day That War Broke Out (Mike D'Abo) - 3:07
20.Montanas - Hey Diddle Diddle (George Davis, John Elcock) - 2:27

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