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Sharks - First Water (1973 uk, groovy straight ahead glam rock, feat. Chris Spedding and Andy Fraser from Free fame, 2011 remaster)

Sharks initially took shape when Andy Fraser approached Spedding in 1971 with the offer of Chris joining his post-Free band Toby. Nothing came of that but the two kept talking and jamming and Sharks took shape in 1972.

Fraser and Spedding’s Sharks partnership was to be brief: a car crash on the way back from a gig in Spedding’s Pontiac LeMans (customised with a fin on the roof and teeth on the grill – see top pic) left Fraser hospitalised and then to his departure from the band.

They were signed to Island Records, for their 1973 release "First Water", the album was highly rated by critics, especially for Chris Spedding's guitar work. This is the first of three albums recorded by the band and considered to be their best work. Andy Fraser left the band before their second album, "Jab It In Yore Eye" 
1. World Park Junkies (Chris Spedding, Snips) - 3:18
2. Follow Me (Andy Fraser) - 4:34
3. Ol' Jelly Roll (Snips) - 2:37
4. Brown-eyed Boy (Andy Fraser) - 2:54
5. Snakes And Swallowtails (Snips) - 3:50
6. Driving Sideways (Andy Fraser) - 4:09
7. Steal Away (Snips) - 6:11
8. Doctor Love (Andy Fraser) - 3:25
9. Broke A Feeling (Andy Fraser, Marty Simon, Snips) - 4:11

*Andy Fraser - Bass, Piano
*Marty Simon - Drums
*Steve Parsons "Snips" - Vocals
*Chris Spedding - Guitar 

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