Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird (1976 us, weird peculiar expressive lounge rock)

The ultimate lounge-rock extravaganza. A self-proclaimed 'electric symphony' that mixes Ennio Morricone with King Crimson as recorded by a Holiday Inn/bar mitzvah band from outer space. Crooner vocals soar on top of overly-elaborate keyboard arrangements as the music abruptly throws you from one intense mood into another in true psychedelic fashion. 

No ideas are discarded as the meaning of life unfolds in glitzy Z-grade fashion -- if there's a bad, cheesy move to be made, they'll go for it. These guys probably thought they'd made the greatest LP of all time, and in a way, I guess it is -- even regular folks with no interest in this scene are blown away by the Kaplans' unsurpassed pretense and lack of reality-checks. Must be heard to be believed, preferably on acid. 
Acid Archives
1.  Ode To Life - 3:06
2.  Vodka And Caviare - 3:33
3.  Epitaph (Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Greg Lake, Michael Giles, Peter Sinfield) - 5:12
4.  Listen To The Falling Rain (John Claude Gummoe) - 3:53
5.  Life And Me - 5:09
6.  Love Is Life - 5:41
7.  Night Bird (Larry Andies) - 5:10
8.  Happy - 4:32
9.  He - 5:30
All songs by Ed Kaplan, Richard Kaplan except where indicated

The Kaplan Brothers
*Ed Kaplan - Percussion, Flute
*Richard (Dick) Kaplan - Guitar, Vocals
*Larry Andies - Bass

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