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High Tide - High Tide (1970 uk, excellent heavy rock with prog traces, 2010 bonus tracks edition)

In April 1970 High Tide started recording their second album to be released in July. The eponymous second album showed progress. Where the first album was dominated by Tony Hill’s guitar, on the second album the instruments are more balanced and give room to each other. Also the organ is added in some of the tracks. High Tide is more melancholic than its predecessor; it’s reminiscent of early Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett. 

Despite its good reviews it didn’t sell more copies than the first album and High Tide lost its record deal with Liberty. Simon House left the band to join the Third Ear Band and in 1973 he joined Hawkwind. He was a member of Hawkwind until 1978 although he occasionally performed with Hawkwind afterwards. House was a member of David Bowie’s band and he also released some solo albums under the name Spiral Realms.

Tony Hill, Peter Pavli and Roger Hadden became involved with Rustic Hinge. In 1972 Roger Hadden suffered from mental health problems and was replaced by former Arthur Brown-drummer Drachen Treaker. Peter Pavli became a member of Michael Moore’s band Deep Fix and would also perform with Robert Calvert. 

In 1990 High Tide was revitalized with Tony Hill, Peter Pavli, Drachen Treaker, violinist Dave Tomlin and vocalist Sushi Krishnamurthi. They released the album Ancient Gates, but further plans were aborted when Drachen Treaker unexpectedly died. Tony Hill is still active in music performing and recording with his band Tony Hill’s Fiction.
by Erik Gibbels
1. Blankman Cries Again - 8:25
2. The Joke - 9:25
3. Saneonymous - 14:25
4. The Great Universal Protection Racket (Tony Hill) - 15:45
5. The Joke - 7:44
6. Blankman Cries Again - 8:25
7. Ice Age (Tony Hill) - 3:25
All compositions by High Tide except where noted

High Tide
*Roger Hadden - Drums, Piano, Pipes Organ
*Tony Hill - Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Organ
*Simon House - Electric Violin, Organ, Piano
*Peter Pavli - Bass Guitar

1970  High Tide - Precious Cargo

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