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Alvin Lee - In Flight (1974 uk, awesome roots 'n' roll blues rock)

Alvin’s second solo effort and only Alvin could make the magic happen on this recording. It was one Hell of a spectacular event, not only because of the gathering of the all star supporting players, but because for the first time Alvin became just one of the boys in the band. With nothing to prove he was playing for the love of playing and that’s what becomes apparent to the listener, it was a triumph of discipline over stardom. 

For Alvin to sing Don’t Be Cruel and really do it justice is a prime example of  his true talent. He plays his Gibson like a stradivarius and the notes and phrasing flow like silk and honey all over this recording, nothing hectic or over done, it’s all in good taste without the usual Alvin Lee haste. 

When Alvin learned to control his guitar and caress the numbers being played instead of his usual flying fingers assult that he has been known for over the years, that is what has propelled him into a higher artistic status. As the Billboard review has stated, his voice became just as important an instrument as the notes he was playing. 
Bonus Ï„racks, Sombody Callin’ Me and Put It In A Box. Now here is something different and interesting and worthy of being included on this release.   
Disc 1
1. Got To Keep Moving - 5:02
2. Going Through The Door - 4:21
3. Don't Be Cruel (Blackwell, Presley) - 2:39
4. Money Honey (Stone) - 3:05
5. I'm Writing You A Letter - 4:52
6. You Need Love Love Love - 5:24
7. Freedom For The Stallion (A. Toussaint) - 6:26
8. Every Blues You've Ever Heard - 5:24
9. All Life's Trials - 2:59
All songs by Alvin Lee except where stated
Disc 2
1. Intro - :53
2. Let's Get Back - 4:58
3. Ride My Train - 4:14
4. There's A Feeling - 4:02
5. Running Round - 5:38
6. Mystery Train (Phillips, Parker) - 4:42
7. Slow Down (Williams) - 3:38
8. Keep A Knockin' (Penniman) - 2:14
9. How Many Times - 2:04
10.I've Got Eyes For You Baby - 3:36
11.I'm Writing You A Letter - 4:18
12.Somebody Callin' Me - 6:26
13.Put It In A Box - 8:06
All songs by Alvin Lee except where noted
Bonus tracks 12-13 Not On Original LP

*Alvin Lee - Guitar, vocals
*Tim Hinkley - Keyboards
*Alan Spenner - Bass guitar
*Ian Wallace - Drums
*Mel Collins - saxophone
*Alan Spencer - Bass
*Neil Hubbard - Guitar
*Dylan Birch - Vocals
*Frank Collins - Vocals
*Paddie McHugh - Vocals

1973-74  Alvin Lee And Mylon Lefevre - On The Road To Freedom
2012  Alvin Lee - Still on the Road to Freedom

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