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Redbone - Potlatch (1970 us, remarkable native groovy funk rock, 2004 bonus tracks remaster)

Their first of six Epic releases is a strong follow-up to the self-titled debut the same year. The album-opening "Maggie" is a perfect example of their distinctive sound, a funky, highly rhythmic itch that gets under your skin. The limitations of Lolly Vegas' singing means the all-native California quartet is more adept on faster numbers, although "Alcatraz" is a touching ballad with a seldom-heard Indian perspective. The segue on "Chant: 13th Hour" from tribal chanting to Redbone-style funk predates Robbie Robertson's similar experiments by more than 20 years. 
by Mark Allan

Redbone was a Los Angeles-based group led by Native American Pat and Lolly Vegas. They hit paydirt in 1974 with the million-seller 'Come and Get Your Love.' Lead singers Pat and Lolly Vegas had previously worked under their own names, appearing in the 1965 film It's a Bikini World prior to forming Redbone. Their first success as Redbone came in 1970 with 'Maggie' on Epic. This reissue of their 1970 debut adds 2 bonus tracks 'Maggie' and 'New Blue Sermonette'.
1. Maggie - 5:10
2. Light As A Feather (Patrick Vegas) - 1:59
3. Who Can Say - 2:54
4. Judgement Day - 2:33
5. Without Reservation (Lolly Vegas, Patrick Vegas, Tony Bellamy, Pete DePoe) - 4:15
6. Chant: 13th Hour (Patrick Vegas) - 5:42
7. Alcatraz (Patrick Vegas) - 2:38
8. Drinkin' And Blo - 2:20
9. Bad News Ain't No News At All (Patrick Vegas) - 3:14
10.New Blue Sermonette - 3:30
11.Maggie - 2:46
12.New Blue Sermonette - 3:31
All songs by Lolly Vegas except where stated
Bonus Tracks 11-12

The Redbone
*Lolly Vegas - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Tony Bellamy - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Patrick Vegas - Bass, Vocals
*Pete DePoe - Drums, Percussions

1970  Redbone - Redbone (2006 edition)
1972  Redbobe - Already Here (2011 bonus tracks reissue)