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The Great Society - Born to Be Burned (1965-66 us, classic west coast psych garage with young Grace Slick , Sundazed edition)

Before joining Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick sang lead and played various instruments for the Great Society, who were nearly as popular as Jefferson Airplane in the early days of the San Francisco psychedelic scene. Instrumentally, the Great Society were not as disciplined as Airplane. 

But they were at least their equals in imagination, infusing their probing songwriting with Indian influences, minor key melodic shifts, and groundbreaking, reverb-soaked psychedelic guitar by Slick's brother-in-law, Darby Slick. Darby was also responsible for penning "Somebody to Love," which Grace brought with her to Airplane, who took it into the Top Five in 1967. the Great Society broke up in late 1966.
by Richie Unterberger 
1. Free Advice (Darby Slick) - 2:29
2. Someone To Love (Darby Slick) - 3:03
3. You Can't Cry (David Miner) - 2:32
4. That's How It Is (David Miner) - 2:27
5. Girl (David Miner) - 2:09
6. Where (David Miner) - 2:10
7. Heads Up (Grace Slick) - 1:17
8. Free Advice (Alternate Version #2, Darby Slick) - 2:06
9. Father Bruce (Grace Slick, Darby Slick, Jerry Slick, David Miner) - 3:07
10.Born To Be Burned (Darby Slick, Jerry Slick) - 2:05
11.Double Triptamine Superautomatic Everlovin' Man (David Miner) - 1:55
12.Love You Girl (David Miner) - 3:06
13.That's How It Is (Alternate Version, David Miner) - 2:22
14.Right To Me (David Miner) - 3:04
15.Where (Alternate Version, David Miner) - 2:13
16.Free Advice (Alternate Version #1, Darby Slick) - 2:09
17.Daydream-Nightmare-Love (David Miner) - 3:17

The Great Society
*Darby Slick - Guitar, Backing Vocals
*Grace Slick - Vocals, Guitar,
*David Miner - Vocals, Guitar
*Jerry Slick - Drums
*Bard Dupont - Bass

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