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Spirit - Son Of Spirit / Farther Alone (1975-76 us, awesome fusion rock, 2004 remaster)

After Spirit’s first four classic albums, the band entered a period of fluctuating personnel, style, and success. The double-LP Spirit of ‘76 had marked the revitalization of the band around guitarist Randy California and drummer Ed Cassidy, and indulged the experimental side of the group. Finding themselves the object of some chart action after years of disappointment, the two quickly followed up with Son of Spirit, hanging onto bassist Barry Keene from the previous record. It is a much tamer affair, sticking to the band’s more song-oriented side, and maintaining a relatively pastoral mood. There are some beautiful acoustic guitar moments, and plenty of great, if somewhat restrained, lead parts on electric. California, as the sole singer, uses his modest vocal talents to good effect on the soft material. The previous album had introduced a trend of cover tunes, and the Beatles’ “Yesterday” is added here.

The next year, original members John Locke (keyboards) and Mark Andes (bass) came back into the fold temporarily for Farther Along, leaving only singer Jay Ferguson missing from the band’s classic lineup. For the most part, this album continues in the relatively non-experimental vein of its predecessor, though it should be noted that a non-experimental Spirit album is still fairly out-there compared to most bands. Aside from an embarrassing disco beat on one track, the material here stands up well through the years; a couple of the tunes rank with the band’s best.
by Jon Davis, 2006-05-01
Son Of Spirit
1. Holy Man (Randy California) - 3:02
2. Looking Into Darkness (Ed Cassidy, Randy California) - 2:53
3. Maybe You'll Find (Randy California) - 2:40
4. Don't Go Away (Randy California) - 3:43
5. Family (Randy California) - 3:07
6. Magic Fairy Princess (Randy California) - 3:02
7. Circle (Randy California) - 3:28
8. The Other Song (Barry Keene, Ed Cassidy, Randy California) - 5:33
9. Yesterday (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 1:54
10.It's Time Now (Randy California) - 3:02
Farther Along
11.Farther Along (Ed Cassidy, Matt Andes, Randy California) - 3:23
12.Atomic Boogie (Ed Cassidy, John Locke, Mark Andes, Matt Andes, Randy California) - 2:41
13.World Eat World Dog (Ed Cassidy, John Locke, Randy California) - 2:45
14.Stoney Night (Randy California) - 2:30
15.Pineapple (John Locke) - 2:11
16.Colossus (Randy California) - 2:58
17.Mega Star (John Locke, Randy California) - 3:27
18.Phoebe (Matt Andes) - 2:10
19.Don't Lock Up Your Door (Ed Cassidy, Matt Andes, Randy California) - 3:10
20.Once With You (John Locke, Randy California) - 1:34
21.Diamond Spirit (Matt Andes, Randy California) - 2:26
22.Nature's Way (Randy California) - 2:04

The Spirit
Son Of Spirit
*Randy California - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
*Ed Cassidy - Percussion, Drums
*Barry Keane - Bass
Farther Along
*Mark Andes - Bass, Vocals
*Randy California - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
*Ed Cassidy - Percussion, Drums
*John Locke - Keyboards
*Matt Andes - Guitar, Vocals

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