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Apple - An Apple A Day (1969 uk, tasteful beat psych, Repertoire bonus tracks edition)

 Apple came to Larry Page's attention via their first single issued on Smash records, "Thank You Very Much"/"Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind" in early 1968.

As a result, Page's record label, Page One Records, released their sole LP, which is a fine mixture of psych pop and psychedelic, heavy r&b. Two singles preceded the LP's release, "Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine" (Oct 1968) and "Doctor Rock" (Dec 1968).

However, with little to no promotion for the record or the band, despite a colour brochure extolling the virtues of apples as supplied by the British Apple & Peau Development Council, the record didn't sell.

Despite having some of the finest British psych moments (i.e. "The Otherside", "Buffalo Billycan"), only a limited number of copies were pressed. In result, it is listed as one of Record Collector's Top 20 most collectable albums of all time.

However, thanks to a 1994 reissue on CD by Repertoire Records, An Apple A Day has finally been able to reach a larger audience than when it was first released.
1. Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine - 2:59
2. Doctor Rock - 3:07
3. The Otherside - 3:17
4. Mr. Jones - 2:49
5. The Mayville Line - 2:54
6. Queen Of Hearts Blues - 2:28
7. Rock Me Baby - 3:28
8. Buffalo Billycan - 3:05
9. Photograph - 4:10 
10.Psycho Daises - 2:22
11.Sporting Life - 5:51 
12.Pretty Girl I Love You - 2:39
13.Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine - 3:04
14.Buffalo Billycan - 3:07
15.Doctor Rock - 3:11 
16.The Otherside - 3:16
Bonus tracks 13-16 Single Mix.

*Dennis Regan - Vocals
*Robbo Ingram - Lead Guitar
*Jeff Harrod - Bass Guitar
*Charlie Barber - Piano
*Dave Brassington - Drums

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