Saturday, March 12, 2022

Anthem - Anthem (1970 us, melodic art rock)

Signed by Buddah the trio's self-titled 1970 album teamed them with producer Stan Vincent. Musically "Anthem" offered up a fairly entertaining mix of commercial pop (the title track) and slightly more experimental numbers (the extended "Misty Morns"). All three members (guitarist Bartholomew, bassist Gregg Hollister and drummer Bobby Howe), were gifted with decent voices and on tracks such as "Florida" and "Queen" they displayed a knack for crafting some pretty harmonies. Not sure who it was, but one of the three had a voice that sounded uncannily like The Monkees' Michael Nesmith ("Anthem" and "New Day"). Needless to say, the album sold roughly ten copies, instantly ending up in cutout bins.
1. Anthem (Bruce Warner) - 2:30
2. Queen (Gregg Hollister) - 4:00
3. You're Not So Mean (Bartholomew) - 2:31
4. Florida (Gregg Hollister) - 4:39
5. New Day (Bartholomew) - 2:25
6. Misty Morns (Gregg Hollister) - 7:30
7. Ibis (Bartholomew) - 3:06
8. Child (Gregg Hollister) - 5:11

*Bartholomew - Vocals, Guitar
*Gregg Hollister - Vocals, Bass
*Bobby Howe - Vocals, Drums