Sunday, September 27, 2020

Various Artists - Boogie Australian Blues, R 'n' B And Heavy Rock From The '70s (1971-78 australia, fantastic bag of blues, roots 'n' roll, hard and pub rock, 2012 double disc remaster)

As the title suggests, ‘Boogie!’ is a celebration of the blues-based sounds that dominated Australian music in the early 70s and onwards. It features many of the all-time biggest names in Australian rock, including Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Chain, Cold Chisel, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks, Rose Tattoo, the Angels, Lobby Loyde & the Coloured Balls and Max Merritt & the Meteors, and numerous others that were household names back in the 70s, including the La De Da's, Madder Lake, Buffalo, Blackfeather, Spectrum, the Dingoes, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons and Sports.

The 44-track collection features original cover art by Ian McCausland, who designed iconic cover and poster art for the likes of Daddy Cool, Chain and the Rolling Stones back in the day, as well in-depth liner notes by Jen Jewell Brown who, as Jenny Brown and Jenny Hunter-Brown, was one of the most incisive Australian rock critics of the day.

Boogie looks at the distinctively Australian brand of blues that developed out of the ‘60s R&B scene and came into its own at festivals like Sunbury and in the nascent pub rock scene of the ‘70s. This music was massive at the time – bands like Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs and Daddy Cool were genuine social phenomena, and  directly inspired to the biggest bands of the late 70s, Cold Chisel and the Angels. And of course AC/DC were a direct product of this scene too.
by Dave Laing
Disc 1
1. Chain - Black And Blue (Single Version) (Barry Harvey, Barry Sullivan, Matt Taylor, Phil Manning) - 3:53
2. Blackfeather - Boppin' The Blues (2010 Remastered Version) (Carl Perkins, Howard Griffin) - 3:15
3. Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs - C.C. Rider (Ma Rainey) - 4:08
4. Band Of Light - The Destiny Song (Pamela Key, Phillip Key) - 3:17
5. Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (Mike Rudd) - 3:32
6. La De Das - Gonna See My Baby Tonight (Kevin Borich) - 3:21
7. Stevie Wright - Guitar Band (George Young, Johannes Henderikus Jacob Vandenberg) - 3:21
8. Rose Tattoo - Bad Boy For Love (Ian Rilen) - 3:08
9. Buster Brown - Something To Say (2005 Remastered Version) (Angry Anderson, Angry Anderson, Paul Grant, Phil Rudd) - 5:30
10.Coloured Balls - Flash (Lobby Loyde, Ian Miller, Janis Miglans, Trevor Young) - 3:25
11.Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard To Shake (2006 Remastered Version) (Dennis Wilson) - 4:21
12.Masters Apprentices - I'm Your Satisfier (Jim Keays, Doug Ford) - 3:17
13.Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way) (Single Version) (Dave, Tice, Peter Wells, Alan Milano, John Baxter) - 3:44
14.Madder Lake - 12lb Toothbrush (2008 Remastered Version) (Jack Kreemers, Kerry McKenna, Brendon Mason, Andy Cowan, Mick Fettes) - 3:53
15.Wendy Saddington And The Copperwine - Backlash Blues (2011 Remastered Version) (Langston Hughes, Nina Simone) - 3:58
16.Friends - Bird On A Wire (Live At Sunbury 1973) (Leonard Cohen) - 3:25
17.Indelible Murtceps - Esmerelda (Mike Rudd) - 3:10
18.Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Your Feets Too Big (Ada Benson, Fred Fisher) - 2:49
19.Renée Geyer - Dust My Blues (Elmore James) - 3:05
20.Cold Chisel - Home And Broken Hearted (Don Walker) - 3:27
21.Ariel - Worm-Turning Blues (Mike Rudd) - 2:57
22.Daddy Cool - Daddy Rocks Off (Ross Wilson) - 4:38
Disc 2
1. Matt Taylor - I Remember When I Was Young (Matt Taylor) - 4:01
2. La De Das - Too Pooped To Pop (Chuck Berry) - 2:34
3. Cold Chisel - Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) (Don Walker, Jimmy Barnes) - 2:53
4. Dingoes - Come On Down (Chris Stockley) - 4:10
5. Madder Lake - Booze Blues (Jack Kreemers, Kerry McKenna, Brendon Mason, Andy Cowan, Mick Fettes) - 2:56
6. Sid Rumpo - Breaking My Back (Ken Wallace, Mick Elliot, Noel Herridge, Owen Hughes) - 4:17
7. Thump'n Pig And Puff'n Billy - Captain Straightman (Billy Thorpe, Warren Morgan) - 3:02
8. Kevin Borich Express - I'm Going Somewhere (Kevin Borich) - 3:29
9. Buffalo - Lucky (Norm Roue) - 3:32
10.Ted Mulry Gang - Darktown Strutters Ball (Shelton Brooks) - 3:26
11.The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (Doc Neeson, John Brewster, Rick Brewster) - 3:23
12.Lobby Loyde And The Coloured Balls - Mama Loves To (Lobby Loyde) - 4:05
13.Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs - Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy (Billy Thorpe) - 4:20
14.Ferrets - Janie May (Bill Miller, Martin Falls) - 4:23
15.Skyhooks - Saturday Night (Remastered 1994) (Greg Macainsh) - 2:49
16.Martin Armiger - I Love My Car (Martin Armiger) - 2:57
17.Sports - You Ain't Home Yet (Ed Bates, Joe Camilleri, Stephen Cummings) - 2:19
18.Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons - Ain't Got My Money (Frankie Miller) - 3:19
19.Daddy Cool - Hi Honey Ho (Live At Sunbury 1974) (Ross Wilson) - 3:46
20.Max Merritt And The Meteors - Fannie Mae (Waymon Glasco, Morris Levy, Clarence Lewis) - 3:49
21.Chain - Gertrude Street Blues (2010 Remastered Version) (Barry Harvey, Barry Sullivan, Matt Taylor, Phil Manning) - 4:59
22.Carson - Boogie (Part One) (Gary Clarke, Tony Lunt, Ian Winter, Greg (Sleepy) Lawrie, Mal Logan, John Lee, Mal Capewell, Broderick Smith) - 4:44