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Keith West - Wherever My Love Goes (1974 uk, good soft classic rock)

Having spent his entire career as a professional singer, songwriter, and musician, ‘Thinking About Tomorrow’ is the amazing tale of rock and roll survivor Keith West. From being inspired by Elvis in the 1950s to pop stardom and working alongside the greats of the music world in the 1960s, Keith was at the eye of the storm alongside peers including The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Small Faces, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many, many more.

Wherever my Love Goes was an experimental album which Ken Burgess and Keith had recorded for general release as a duo. Sadly, that didn’t happen, so it was decided to put it out under Keith's to perhaps secure more sales. Andrew Oldham had been involved in the making of this record and produced a couple of tracks. It never really took off and has become a bit of a cult item over the years. The standout tracks are The West Country, Sad Song, and the Andrew Oldham production of the Power and the Glory which it was written for Elvis, at the behest of Freddy Bienstock who owned Carlin Music.
by Klemen Breznikar
1. The Power And The Glory (Keith West, Ken Burgess) - 3:25
2. West Country (Keith West, Ken Burgess) - 4:50
3. Liet Motif - 2:45
4. The Visit - 5:47
5. Hope You're Feeling Better - 5:30
6. Going Home Song (Keith West, Ken Burgess) - 4:30
7. Company (Keith West, Ken Burgess) - 4:05
8. Marshwood - 2:25
9. Wherever My Love Goes - 4:30
10.Sad Song (Ken Burgess) - 4:40
Songs written by Keith West except where noted

*Keith West - Electric Guitar, Vocals
*Ken Burgess - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
*Lisle Harper - Bass
*Rod Coombes - Drums
*Ann Odell - Keyboards
*Roy Young - Keyboards
*Tommy Eyre - Keyboards, Flute
*Johnny Almond - Saxophone
*Glenn Campbell - Steel Guitar
*John Weider - Violin
*Twink - Drums
*Roger Sutton - Bass

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